Kick Hick: Refugee plan spurs huge backlash against Colorado governor

November 20, 2015

Following Monday’s announcement by Governor John Hickenlooper that he would permit the Obama Administration to settle Syrian refugees in Colorado, Republican lawmakers penned a letter to him strongly opposing the plan. The letter was delivered to the Governor’s desk on Thursday afternoon. Senator Laura Woods (CD-19) initiated the letter which bears the signatures of 13 Republican state senators and 24 Republican house members.

The Islamic terror attacks in Paris were cited in the letter as a basis for Governor Hickenlooper to join Republican and Democrat governors from 29 other states who are calling for a suspension of Syrian refugee resettlement and refusing to support refugee relocation within their states. The letter states:

In your statement on Monday, you rightly voiced concern regarding adequate vetting of refugees. We ask you stand behind that statement and call for bipartisan congressional review and approval of the vetting process, To protect our citizens, we must identity and reject terrorists hiding their true identities, motives and plans.

This statement from lawmakers is just one response among many to Hickenlooper’s pledge to bring Syrian refugees to Colorado. Immediately following his announcement, a “Recall Hickenlooper 2015” Facebook group was formed which quickly gained over 4,000 followers, and a number of online petitions were created. The first petition directed to the governor, “Colorado says NO to Syrian Refugees,” has received the support of over 37,000 signers in three days.

Hickenlooper’s endorsement of Obama’s Syrian resettlement plan on the heels of news that at least one refugee from Syria was among the ISIS attackers in Paris, and despite warnings from the President’s own intelligence officers that refugees will be infiltrated by terrorists, seems to illustrate the growing divide between the Governor and the people of Colorado.

The letter details what is probably foremost in the minds of those opposing Syrian relocation to the state; the safety and security of Coloradans.

We elected officials must protect the safety and security of our neighbors, our friends, our senios and our children. We must do all we can to protect our citizens and we call on you to join with us in this vital effort. 

Letter from the General Assembly of Colorado to Governor Hickenlooper below:

Posted by Marjorie Haun  11/20/15

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