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June 18, 2012

Freedom of the press has come to mean “an unrestrained professional cabal of invested pseudo-reporters saying whatever they want with impunity.”

Ben Franklin: Citizen Journalist

Just a Minuteman–Just a Signer of the Declaration of Independence– Just a Patriot–Just a Blogger: Which one doesn’t belong?  NONE! Ha! That was a trick question!

The exchange between Juan Williams and Michelle Malkin last week during which he referred to her as “just a blogger,” was a definitive moment because his own assertion contradicted the very thing he was trying to assert. Juan Williams made the point, in behalf of thousands of citizen journalists, that being “just a blogger” is to ride the momentous wave of new media right over the prostrate body-surfers in the MSM.  I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Malkin effective melted Juan Williams’ head, ala “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” in response to his callow dictum.

Few Americans–and nobody in the old media–realize the significance of “#IAMBREITBART.” This Twitter hash tag title adopted by virtually every Twitter-using conservative citizen journalist in the country is symbolic of the quiet revolution taking place on the Internet and within the machinations of American politics.  The model of the old Press is defunct.  It’s zombie henchmen like the New York Times, CNN, and dying dead-tree newspapers in small and big towns alike, still lurk about looking for suckers to sop up their yellow-journalism bilge. But they are being undercut, exposed, discredited, and out-journalismed by ordinary people in kitchens and basements all over the country.

Andrew Breitbart, Matt Drudge, James O’Keefe, Tucker Carlson, et al., are the minutemen in the Revolutionary News War of the 21st Century. But this is not a movement of revolutionary change. It is a movement of restoration. The Conservative New Media seek to restore objectivity and ethical standards to journalism.  The Main-Stream Media is corrupt, biased, and cannot be trusted to tell the truth unless it is a rare truth that casts their pet isms–liberalism, socialism, progressivism, atheism–in a favorable light. Andrew Breitbart often said, “I have two modes: jocularity and righteous indignation.” Those who emulate Breitbart, the godfather of citizen journalism, are driven by that special brand of American righteous indignation. And I will speak for my fellow bloggers and citizen journalists in saying, “We’re not going to take it anymore! If the MSM won’t report the news in its fullness, then we will, so help us God!”

Freedom of the press has come to mean “an unrestrained professional cabal of invested pseudo-reporters saying whatever they want with impunity.”  That is not at all what the Founding Fathers intended when they penned the 1st Amendment.  The first journalists and printers required no advanced degree from the Columbia School of Journalism. They simply wrote about what they observed. If a book or pamphlet of commentary was printed, its nature was clear. During the time of Thomas Paine those who had an agenda were honest about it. They did not hide behind the facade of “real reporter,” like Juan Williams and his cronies.  News was news. Commentary was commentary. A persuasive thesis on why the Colonies should divorce the king was common sense.

The “just a bloggers” among us are restoring the ethos of factual news reporting. Thousands of observers, most of whom have regular jobs, families, and a vested interest in the health of American culture, post news on blogs, social media sites, and Internet news forums.  These same citizen journalists often write letters to the editors of their local dead-tree newspapers when reporters get it wrong or purposefully omit important details about hometown issues. This is an army of the righteously indignant who consistently embrace true principles, whether they be the principles of Constitutional government, happy families, or truth in reporting.  The Left and its lap-dog media have no concept of the power of this citizen journalist force. As newspapers die, Liberal cable news outlets tank, and biased reporters are exposed as hacks, the American Left will have to acknowledge the reality that they have lost control of the narrative, the stream of political news, and that their pseudo-journalist-activist-heroes are a species on the brink of extinction.

Any truthful citizen can be a journalist. Hone your writing skills, brush up on your investigative techniques, fire up that laptop and get to work.

Main Stream Media–Snotty Condescending Attitudes–Liberal Bias–State-Controlled News Organizations–Obama Re-election Team: Which one doesn’t belong? None of them. Ha! Tricked you again, they are all the same. And they all need to go away!

For tips on creating your own blog, posting content on social media sites, or becoming a contributing reporter, just follow these links.




 By Marjorie Haun 6/18/12

  1. Charlie Gonzales

    Don’t forget to let your local SWAT Team know that you’re a Conservative blogger and commentator Marge.

    You should take them some cookies.

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