John Otto is Dead, and He Hates Bolsheviks

June 19, 2014

This important caveat is overlooked by proponents of a national park: John Otto’s dream was to have a national park, but that was decades before the Department of the Interior, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management were taken over by Bolsheviks.


Proponents of stupid causes have interesting ways to justify their arguments. Those pushing for the conversion of the Colorado National Monument to “Red Rim Canyons Rock Spires Towering Roadrunner National Park,” (or something to that effect) have turned to the dead to make their case. They’ve dug up the very dusty remains of visionary, miner, and frontiersman, and capitalist John Otto, and are in the process of shaking him down for an endorsement. John Otto, after all, was the guy who blasted out the trails giving people access to the interior of Colorado National Monument a century ago. As the “Father of the Monument” his remains are being used by moderners who want to turn his blood-sweat-and-tears legacy into an excuse to cede more Colorado property to the BLM, EPA, and UN. But no matter how hard proponents rattle those brittle bones encased within that leathery, desiccated hide of his, he will never endorse their stupid pet project. Number one, he is dead. Number two, John Otto hated Bolsheviks–and the National Park Service, Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Environmental Protection Agency, and the World Heritage Site mongers at the U.N. are all Bolsheviks in one form or another.

Besides being insane, Otto was relentless. Born to a smart, Christian family, Otto was brilliant…and obsessive. His life story is one racked with hardship, triumph, conflict, and what appear to be bouts with mental illness.  But remember, in a crazy world the sane are pariahs. Anyway, Otto hated tyrants in any form and in turn-of-the-century Western Colorado, Bolsheviks, Socialists, and the KKK were putting down roots. His biographer, Alan. J. Kania, details John Otto’s deep love for America and his ferocious aversion to any persons or ideology that threatened human liberty and dignity. In an ironic poke at the KKK Otto submitted the following hybrid advertisement/op-ed to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel on July 2, 1910. (1)

The editorial/advertisement was related to a patriotic naming ceremony Otto had planned for two towering monoliths on the Colorado National Monument. The ceremony had a list of invited guests and among those NOT invited were the hated “Socialists, Bolsheviks, and KKK.” According to Kania’s book, (2) “John Otto of Colorado National Monument,” Otto was the most vocal opponents of the “philosophical newcomers.” In another letter hammered out to the Daily Sentinel, Otto nails “free love” bolshevism, the Red threat, and his fervent support of the Women’s Suffrage Movement:

That free-love proclamation of bolshevism we are going to “sliceout” of the Daily Sentinel of Saturday, March 8th–together with the Red Banner, it will be destroyed by fire, so that every boy and every girl in the valley can see the blaze. As announced in The Sentinel some time ago, other things of a false order will also be destroyed, officially, and the world will never forget the fire, which will be staged off at the great memorial park–the Colorado National.

The world war was fought from our side for the freedom of the world–the the inhabitants of the earth to be a free people, upright and true. The Red banner is the danger banner (ruinous rag) to all our American free institutions–it proclaims free love (lust), but not love free—free from bondage.

Women have been lied about through all those ages, and have been held back by man in all possible ways: but they have (she has) worked out their own freedom, and have proved to all the world that they are fully able to hold up their end (and more) to “make this world a decent place to live in.” There will come for them a complete emancipation and, believe us, our newly elected senator from Colorado will carry with him this message to Washington in the form of a blank resolution: “We demand the passage of a federal suffrage amendment, unanimously from the 66th Congress.”

Opinionated and patriotic, John Otto’s was a conservationist, not an environmentalist. He believed in wise use and management of the land. His enemies included outsiders who littered public areas, dishonest politicians, and all political ideologies which stood in opposition to the American values of individual liberty, personal morality, and human dignity. Those now condescendingly making claim to John Otto’s “dream” to advocate for his gem to become a federal albatross around the neck of Western Colorado, would also likely make his enemies list. They are, after all, lovers of big government, enemies of free enterprise, and control-freaks who fear fiery, independent, Bolshevik-slayers like Otto and those who defend against federal encroachment in the West.

Out of reverence for the dead, I will join the fight against the attempt to create another national park in Western Colorado without the help of John Otto’s bones. But I know that in spirit he is with me and other freedom fighters who visit, watch over, and celebrate the Colorado National Monument just as he did over a century ago.

The KKK was a Democrat invention. Bolsheviks were the revolutionary arm of the Russian Marxists which evolved into the Soviet Communist Party. Socialists are the command-and-control big government types who now run the federal agencies set to pounce on the Colorado National Monument and exert the kind of bureaucratic micro-mismanagement that plagues the entire National Park System, at the cost of private property, economic growth, and personal freedom.

Proponents for national park status of the Colorado National Monument must be careful summoning the ghost of John Otto to promote an idea he would hate. This important caveat is overlooked by proponents of a national park: John Otto’s dream was to have a national park, but that was decades before the Department of the Interior, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management were taken over by Bolsheviks.

(1) John Otto of Colorado National Monument (Kania, 1984) p 49

(2) John Otto of Colorado National Monument (Kania, 1984) p. 50

by Marjorie Haun  June 19, 2014

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