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The Old Feminism is, well...old.

July 25, 2011

The“New American Feminism” leaps past the “post-feminism” and “anti-feminism” of the 1980s and 90s, when women in large numbers began to choose traditional roles over the anti-family, anti-male positions so stridently advocated by the socio/political feminist movement of the 1960s and 70s.  It even surpasses the “newer feminism” which surfaced and sought definition during the 2008 presidential campaigns when Sarah Palin emerged as a powerful woman both loved and feared to a degree that eclipsed pop-feminist icon, Hillary Clinton.  The “New American Feminism” will not find its definition in the texts offered in collegiate “women’s studies”, Ms. Magazine, or the rhetoric of the oldie moldy, bitter, brittle and irrelevant militant feminazis of the mid 2oth century.  Instead, the New American Feminism will find its definition in the actions of those women who are poised to be a saving force in our nation and the world.  New American Feminists will prove to strengthen the values of their families and communities and teach them correct principles in such a way that America will ultimately restore her constitution and the Republic will be saved and healed so future generations may savor the sweetness of liberty.  The New American Feminism (NAF) also leaps backward some 150 years, to the era of Clare Booth Luce, when feminism was based on the simple concept that women are equal to men and should have the right to own property, vote, and enjoy rights within marriage equal to that of their husbands.  The NAF will remember Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony who never advocated for abortion, but whose activities in the Women’s Suffrage Movement  laid the groundwork for the civil rights movement later in the century that would grant equal rights to people of all colors and end the era of racial segregation.  The NAF not only retrieves the word “feminist”  but it also rescues the word “choice” from the clutches of the abortion-centered organizations like NOW and NARAL, to restore it to its rightful place alongside “moral agency” and “liberty.”   The New American Feminist is a woman who embraces choice for all, because choice means that she may choose her path, dictated by biological facts and moral truths.  Among the choices that lie before her are: Femininity, Education, Marriage, Children, a Career, Service, Patriotism, Leadership, Innovation, Creativity, Mobility, and great Social and Political Power.  She will choose from among these, and nearly infinite others.  Some women will choose all, or in a shuffled sequence.  But the New American Feminist woman will choose wisely, and she will do so with a sober mind, loving hands and a courageous heart.

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  1. Raven

    Wow! You must have a big shovel to get all that bullshit on one blog!

  2. Muffinblighter

    The paradigm of feminism as reliant on social constructivism and blank slate ideology is waning. Any analysis of gender roles should take into account the context of our evolutionary origins.

  3. Bruce Burd

    Proverbs 31…. AMEN!

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