The Left is not a pretty sight or a fair competitor.

August 29, 2011

“Cross your legs!”  “Sit up straight!”  “Don’t do that, it’s unladylike!”

I heard these phrases a few times when I was growing up in the 1960s and 70s.  The mothers and fathers of Boomer girls clung to the vestiges of old-fashioned gender stereotypes in an attempt to shield their little girls from the onslaught of cultural debauchery that was sweeping over the American family during that era.  Women of my generation, and those that have followed, have been redefining their societal sex roles for five decades.  But more importantly, many great women have been recapturing the traditional roles and values that our parents attempted to convey to us.  You see, the New American Feminist likes to be a lady.  She eschews the rejection, by old feminists, of traditional roles and values.  She honors her femininity.  And sometimes finding a balance between political prowess and punctilious poise is just plain confusing.

One of my personal goals in developing ReaganGirl’s Blog is to persuade women, especially the gentle and nurturing types, that the time for being demure is over.   The  message I bear to my Conservative sisters is this:  There is nothing unladylike or unbecoming about forcefully voicing your righteous opinion.  Liberty-loving sisters, listen up!  You have great power in your faith.  Yours are the hands which do much of God’s work in your homes.  You are the threads which keep the fabric of America from tearing apart altogether.  It is time for your voices to be heard.

To the husbands, sweethearts, and males friends of the women to whom I bring this message; encourage your ladies to be confident and speak out with their Conservative message.

Do I Really Have to Get into the Cage with Poo-slinging Monkeys?

Have you had a threaded discussion with a hard-left liberal on a social networking site  lately?  Have you seen the disdain the MSM and the Left have for any and all Conservative groups?   It doesn’t matter what the topic is, if you oppose something that the Left embraces, you are the worst manifestation of human effluvium imaginable.  If you oppose the victory mosque at Ground Zero, you are an “islamophobe.”   If you oppose the sweeping redefinition of the thousands-of-years-old tradition of marriage, you are a “homophobe.”  If you oppose the lawlessness, crime, and the abuse of social programs which are designed for needy Americans, that comes with unimpeded illegal immigration into our country you are a “xenophobe.”  If you are a Conservative and you want to preserve the culture, language and traditions of the USA, you are a “racist.”  Yes, the rhetoric from the Left is ugly.  But then, it has always been.

I have many good friends who read this blog who are advocates of liberty and conservative, constitutional values.  Sometimes they feel bad when they see outrageous, insulting, unfounded and hateful remarks from liberals who debate me on social networking sites.  Please don’t feel bad about this dynamic.  This is where those on the left reveal themselves. I have observed over the years that Liberals tend to conceptualize people in the simplest terms.  People must belong to a group.  They must be some kind of “phobe” or “ite” or “ist.”  The complexities of human experience, and cognitive, emotional, and social development escape the Liberal mind.  And as Charles Krauthammer so aptly explained in his recent National Review column, “Last Refuge of the Liberal”, when the enemies of liberty run out of rational arguments (of which they have few) they turn to race baiting, defamatory accusations, insults and name-calling.  To my salt-of-the-earth friends, modern political discourse may seem like a polluted sandbox to play in.  It may feel unseemly to debate people who turn so quickly to cursing, invectives, and the childish, “you are, but what am I?” and “did not/did so!”  feuds.  Unfortunately, many  dear ladies and gentlemen shy away from political debate because of the potential it holds for blasphemy and vilification.  They simply don’t want to be involved in any way with such debasing and inflammatory exchanges.  But there is a method that gentle, faithful, and righteous people can use to engage the Left and other enemies of liberty without becoming sullied by their antagonism.  Just remember a few of these rules when you are engaged in a debate:

It is sometimes uncomfortable and stressful to confront irrational political arguments and ideologies.  But every great leader has had to face down the ugly forces of their time.  If you are a Conservative, you must lead.  Lead your family, your co-workers, neighbors, and communities, back to a civil and rational center of discussion.  We can’t change our enemies but we can change the nature of debate.  It is up to Americans who seek to reclaim liberty and the Constitution, to do a makeover on the whole face of modern debate.  It doesn’t have to be ugly out there.

“In a world wracked by hatred, economic crisis, and political tension, America remains mankind’s best hope.”

*Ronald Reagan*



By Marjorie Haun  8/29/2010

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  1. Steve Becknall

    “To the husbands, sweethearts, and males friends of the women to whom I bring this message; encourage your ladies to be confident and speak out with their Conservative message.”

    And you say you aren’t partisan? Or care about politics.

    Whatever. You’ve just revealed yourself.

  2. Scott Yagemann

    Steve Becknall, if you have such disdain for Reagan Girl why do you keep reading her site? If someone says they are a conservative it doesn’t always mean they are a Republican. Is that what you’re getting at, Steve, partisan-wise? I have friends who consider themselves conservative democrats. Not sure what that means exactly but it may have something to do with not being a radical – and supporting the virtues set forth in the constitution. Believe it or not there actually are Pro-Life democrats. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had differing points of view but they managed to communicate quite well. Are you a partisan, Steve? Me thinks you doth protest too much.

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