Is Obama buying off Dine Bikeyah Navajos with false promises?

July 28. 2016

The Obama Administration, in collusion with out-of-state radical environmentalists, is pushing a plan to rip nearly 2 million acres of land out of the hands of the people of San Juan County, Utah, and lock them away forever in the form of a national monument. This effort to rip Utah lands from the people who live there, has also ripped the local Navajo Nation apart at the seams.

Underneath Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s highly orchestrated (complete with supporters bussed in from other states, t-shirts and photo ops) is a bitter divide between groups within the local Navajo population. While the local Grassroots Navajos adamantly oppose further federal control of lands they consider sacred, many of the Dine Bikeyah Navajos have thrown support behind the creation of a national monument. The ‘Bears Ears,’ a small scenic region which gets its name from two mesas jutting above the high desert landscape, is the name adopted by the Administration and environmentalists for the nearly 2 million acre proposed monument. But environmentalists and the federal government have a long history of manipulating and abusing Native Indian tribes to further their political agendas. And there are indications that the Dine Bikeyah Navajos have been promised control over certain tourism ventures related to a “Bears Ears National Monument” in exchange for their public support of Obama’s radical land grab.

The below screen shot from the Dine Bikeyah Facebook page (since deleted) seems to indicate that this group of Navajos has been promised economically gainful administrative, service, and hosting roles if the proposed 1.9 million national monument should be created.

One local woman, warning the Dine Bikeyah of the onerous restrictions on daily activities in the region that would be imposed under national monument status, got this answer which seems to reveal a stipulation (empty promise) offered to those Navajos supporting the Obama Administration plan: “Amend economic business in/out businesses that Navajo businesses have priority, includes touring, cafe, library, hiking, educational resorts lol.”


In 1996, during a secretive ceremony on the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Bill Clinton ripped 1.7 million acres in central Utah out of the hands of the people and small governments that made the region into an appealing, economically and geographically diverse, family-friendly place to live. The creation of the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument 20 years ago has resulted in the literal death of communities–most notably, the town of Escalante–in rural Garfield County, Utah. Just last year, Garfield County declared a state of economic emergency as a once-thriving county was (and continues) bleeding-out jobs, people and hope.

The majority of Utahans oppose the creation of the proposed Bears Ears National Monument, due in large part, to the misery and economic ruin other national monuments have imposed on the state.

Despite media manipulation by Interior Secretary Jewell (a radical environmentalist herself) and various environmentalist factions in Utah, the groundswell of opposition against a new national monument, is impressive. Local Native tribes, including several Navajo groups, the Southern Utes, and many of the Dine Bikeyay Navajos themselves, voiced passionate opposition at a Senate Natural Resources Committee field hearing, hosted by U.S. Senator Mike Lee, in Blanding, Utah on July 27.

The Dine Bikeyah may believe they will have ‘priority’ in contractual relationships with National Parks Service operations, but U.S. Rob Bishop, representing Utah’s 1st Congressional District, warned the 1,000 people present at the Senate field hearing, of which only a handful supported a national monument, that the notion of “co-management” is a “false promise.” Bishop cited the fact that there is nothing in the Antiquities Act or National Parks rules that would require the agency to abide by such a stipulated promise.

The Dine Bikeyah Navajos, and all others who think federal government control protects anything, should heed the warning embodied by Garfield County, Utah. The federal government protects nothing. It is an economic and social wrecking ball, with no mercy and no regard for promises made or for Native American status. Just ask the people of Garfield County, Utah. And for the Dine Bikeyah Navajos, remember the millions of Native Americans who have been crushed by the heavy hand of the federal government for the last 200 years.

Below are picture of folks OPPOSING the creation of a Bears Ears National Monument.









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