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November 30, 2011

Remember the pornography scandal of 1984?

Way back in 1984, Vanessa Williams was forced to resign as Miss America because pornographic pictures of her, taken prior to her ascendancy to the throne, were published. She was replaced by squeaky-clean, runner-up, Sharlene Wells, a Mormon girl from Utah.  Ah, how the times, they have changed. (frowning emoticon) Vanessa Williams went on to enjoy a glittering career as a recording artist and actress. Sharlene Wells subsequently faded into obscurity after an unremarkable stint as a sports commentator. (that’s more like it!) Vanessa Williams, propped up by a complicit media and show biz complex, was first, made a victim because of the exposed pictures “from a time in her life when her judgment was poor and she needed some money,” and second, exalted to notoriety and stardom because of the publicity surrounding her porno pictures.  It will be interesting in this next election cycle to see if the corrupt are supported by the double-standard, NOT-free press, and whether or not the squeaky-clean Mormon guy fades into obscurity. Just a thought.

Mitt Romney, and John Huntsman–the pencil neck, Moderate from Utah–are at least faithful to their wives. Herman Cain is probably faithful as well. Right now I am taking him at his word. But even if he isn’t squeaky-clean, why should little indiscretions disqualify him from leading. Heck, the indiscretions, seductions, fornication, oral sex, and rape performed by Bill Clinton didn’t disqualify him from inhabiting the sacred spaces of the Oval Office. In fact, for many in the media, it tweaked his image as a “man in control,” and “a leader with irresistible appeal.” Bill Clinton is the poster child for the Immoral Agency asserted by the Left in American society and politics.

This is what people on the Left CAN do and still succeed, and the Right CANNOT:

The list is endless. And virtually every outrageous and immoral act committed by people on the Left is given a pass by the NOT-free press. The one exception that stands out (no pun intended) is the Weiner Tweet scandal.  I have my own theory about that; Anthony Weiner is such an unattractive, obnoxious, whiney, negative figure that the Left was actually happy to be rid of him. If he had been good-looking and likable, his premature withdrawal would never have occurred. 
This is what people on the Right CANNOT do without a blast of indignation from the Left:
  • Say the word “d*****b**”
  • Say the word “dickweed”
  • Mention that someone is the same height as their wife
  • Form a dependence on prescription pain killers
  • Use cross hairs symbols to target districts on an electoral map
  • Tap the foot of an individual in an adjacent bathroom stall
  • Upload a bare-chested photo of oneself on the Internet
  • Misspell a word, even when attempting to cover for a teacher who can’t spell
  • Fly, wear, or otherwise display an American Flag
  • Talk about other races without being considered racist
  • Talk about the other sex without being considered sexist
  • Talk about gay issues without being considered homophobic
  • Talk about anything without being accused of “hatespeak”
  • Speak
  • Assemble
  • Vote
  • Breathe

The Double Standard

The American Left is immoral by default.  This not an assessment of the behavior of each and every liberal-minded American, because many of them actually live like Conservatives, in a moral lifestyle based on healthy and righteous values.  But the image of the Left advanced in the media and political scene of America is a paradigm of immoral conduct. What do they embrace? All things that are in opposition to the standards and imperatives established by God! Abortion on demand, gay marriage, dependence upon the state, self-expression without limits, couples eschewing marriage and family for “self-actualization,” sexuality education for very young children, and on and on.

Conservatism embraces those principles which are based on the commandments of God: Value for life, traditional roles of men and women, a quiver full of children, honesty, sexual abstinence until marriage, self-reliance, and so forth. Conservatives who wish to define themselves unequivocally in opposition to Liberalism need to evaluate their personal morality, their conduct in public as well as private. I’m not talking about the occasional colorful word, or agitation, or intensity in discourse. I am talking about how well we, as Conservatives, practice the values that we preach.

The Left asserts its own Immoral Agency as a poke to the chest of the Right, just daring us to try and do the same. The bar for their behavior is very low, if it exists at all. Conservatives need to assert anew their Moral Agency. The Left calls out moral blunders by the Right, with an expectation that Conservatives should behave better! Is it such a bad thing to expect the same from ourselves? If Conservatives were as moral as the Left requires us to be without their lashing out in a spasm of disapproval, there would be no double standard. There would be only Conservative Moral standards, and the Immoral standards of the Left.

 By Marjorie Haun  11/30/11

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