Immigrants and their Big Government Pharaohs

August 12, 2014

Unacquainted with the responsibilities affixed to true liberty, these immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, and elsewhere, vote for candidates who promise to recreate the failing authoritarian regimes which they left behind.

2Moses1   Did Moses make a mistake in leading the Israelite masses out of Egyptian bondage? After all, he was dealing with countless people who had lived for centuries among the polytheistic Egyptians, conforming to their civil laws and working side by side with them day in, day out. For generations the Egyptians tolerated the presence of the fecund Israelites, partly in honor of the beloved Joseph who preserved them in the midst of a regional famine, and partly because they were compliant neighbors.

The Children of Israel had their religious traditions and held their ethnic identity separate from the Egyptians, but nevertheless, pagan doctrines and worship practices seeped into their culture, and they inevitably became comfortable living under a powerful monarch which rejected the God of Israel but offered plenty of food and political security. The Hebrews failed to recognize that their freedom had eroded during 400 years under Egyptian rule, until a Pharaoh arose who feared that with their great numbers they would join other nations and overtake their host government. Placing the Children of Israel into servitude, reckoned the Pharaoh, would place Egypt in control of its guest worker program, dampening any potential for insurrection.

Although they groaned under the burden of slavery and longed for something better than their increasingly dire predicament with a paranoid Pharaoh in charge, the Israelites did not openly rebel. They continued to live, humbly as ever, with the oversight of their governors who meted out their daily food, assigned them jobs, and protected their nation from foreign enemies. In their deprivation the Hebrews enjoyed a measure of security in Egypt, and though they complained and lived daily with the sting of injustice, it would take Moses, a prophet called of God, to incite an insurrection.

Through Divine manifestations of curses and miracles, Moses persuaded Pharaoh that he had no choice but to free the Israelites, and they made their Exodus from their homeland of 4 centuries. The Israelites passed through the Red Sea, with the pursuing Egyptians swallowed up in the deluge, never again to rule over them. For a moment they rejoiced, but looking out at a vast and empty desert, they must have thought, “What the hell did we just do?”

Within days, exposed to the elements, hungry, and beset with uncertainty and infighting, they returned to Egypt, at least in a form of worship. Like saplings trying to grow where only slivers of light penetrate the thicket, the Children of Israel were spiritually stunted, spindly and undernourished. They turned to what they knew from the land of their memory, idol worship. Moses didn’t have the time to prepare their minds for the uncertainties of liberty. Overtaken with despair they balked, wishing they had never been freed, craving the security of their former bondage.

The Israelites lacked the confidence required to understand that they were free to create for themselves a great nation in a land flowing with milk and honey. With their social structure shaken, their meager, yet certain homes far behind them, they longed once again to have a Pharaoh to take care of them. Forty years they wandered, not as a matter of punishment, but that the corrupted generation, the Israelites who remembered and yearned for their lives in Egypt, would pass away and a new crop of faithful Hebrews, accustomed to the wilderness of freedom, would remember no more the abundance of Egypt and the superintendence of Pharaoh.

New York City, November 5, 2013

Bill De Blasio, uber Socialist, big government Democrat is elected mayor of the largest city in America. Democrats vote overwhelmingly for the extreme leftist, De Blasio, and of those 96% of blacks and 85% of Latinos in the city opted for the command-and-control Progressive.

New York  is a city of immigrants. It’s as difficult to find an English-speaking bystander in New York as it is in Mexico City or Montreal. The latest wave of immigrants flooding into New York and other major U.S. cities are from nations where either socialism or tyranny is the rule. Opportunity and freedom are magnets, no doubt, but generous social programs and promises of free healthcare, food and housing attract countless millions, legal and illegal, who seek a mix of personal liberty and government support.

Like the Children of Israel, many 21st Century immigrants long for the security provided by the dictators or socialist democracies of their homelands. Unacquainted with the responsibilities conjoining true liberty, these immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, and elsewhere, vote for candidates who promise to recreate the failing authoritarian regimes which they left behind. Freedom is a scary thing. For people reared in nations with cradle-to-grave programs dictating every aspect of life, it can be overwhelming.

Victories by little dictators like De Blasio in immigrant-heavy cities are exploding the myth of the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The liberated Israelites knew freedom only as an intellectual concept. When exposed to the uncertainties of its reality, they rejected it , pining for Pharaoh.  Immigrant populations, alien to rugged individualism, self-reliance, and the hazards of freedom, are busy in America electing their own little pharaohs into political office.

by Marjorie Haun  8/12/14




  1. Jerry McKinney

    Great analysis, and I think you have it exactly right. Question is, with more immigration on the way, how are we ever going to reverse the 50 year trend we are currently on? More and more people seem to be embracing the entitlement/welfare state. Barring some catastrophe, I see little hope, sorry to say. Depressing. Moses, where are you?

    • If the comprehensive amnesty bill introduced by the Senate is adopted by the House, we are sunk. The entire character of the nation will change to that of a second-world socialist regime.

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