I’m a flea-bitten Trump supporter, are you?

July 22, 2016

Are you just itchin’ to vote this year?

Let’s start with a question:
Can an irrational (unreasonable, illogical, counterproductive) action have a moral outcome?

Within the thread of reactions to my Facebook post last night about the zealotry and intolerance of the “Never Trump” crew, was one remark which gave me a light bulb moment. It had to do with ‘lying down with dogs and getting fleas.’

Well, folks, I’m a Trump supporter and I have fleas.
I have a bad case of fleas.
I sometimes hang out with dogs who have a worse case of fleas than I do.
And guess what, Ted Cruz has fleas too.

I have always been a team player when it comes to pragmatic politics. Yes, the Republican party is full of flea-bitten mutts–count me in! Yes, Donald Trump is a flea-bitten mutt with a flawed personal past, an unrefined political philosophy, an incomplete knowledge or understand of the founding of this country, its core principles, or its manifest purpose in serving as a beacon of light and liberty for the entire world.

But, who among us has a squeaky-clean past?

Who among us has a refined political philosophy?

Who among us has a perfect understanding of America’s history or knowledge of its founding principles?

Who among us is the flawlessly principled purebred champion that we want leading our pack?

Bring on the flea collars. Send me a case of them if you like.

I need a flea collar, because, guess what, pragmatic politics is not religion, and, Heaven help us, if people begin regarding it as such.

Those of you who know me understand that I have had to ask forgiveness countless times, especially the forgiveness of my children, for past errors, selfishness, and flat-out stupid actions.

But those of you who know me also understand that I try to exercise moral uprightness in my personal life. I expect greater moral conduct of myself than I do of any candidate or political figure to whom I lend my help.
I do not look to political leaders for a moral standard. Jesus Christ is my moral standard. My moral zealotry means nothing if I don’t seek first to be moral in my own life, before expecting it of others.

Now back to the question:
Can an irrational (unreasonable, illogical, counterproductive) action have a moral outcome?


Those who, on ‘moral’ grounds, have turned their backs on the chosen Republican nominee, Donald Trump, his supporters, and even his stellar conservative team; Gingrich, Pence, Sessions, Sheriff Clarke, et al., are doing something that is morally counterproductive to the shared conservative goal of beginning–simply beginning–the process of restoring fiscal, political, social, and legal, and constitutional integrity to this nation.

I have asked a simple question related to the remark Ted Cruz made at the GOP convention. Twenty minutes into his speech he directed Republicans to “vote your conscience.”

It’s a nice sounding platitude, but what does “vote your conscience” mean from the mouth of the candidate who came nearest to defeating Trump in the Republican primary, yet failed to endorse him?

Does it mean “Write in Cruz?”

Does it mean, “Go third party?”

Does it mean “Sit at home and ride your moral high horse and watch the truly depraved and evil Hillary Clinton win?”

OR, does it mean to do the rational, reasonable, logical, productive thing, and vote for the chosen nominee of the Republican party?

Newt Gingrich gave Cruz an out by inferring that the logical, moral choice of voting Trump–which can be no more that voting AGAINST Clinton if you prefer–was what Cruz intended.

As generous as Gingrich was to open the door to political redemption for Cruz, his behavior, and that of the ‘Never Trump’ crew, seems to indicate that he meant something entirely different.

But in a few months, you will choose.

And the choice you make will be a moral choice.

You will vote for a flea-bitten, flawed man with a checkered past, a political neophyte, a gruff brawler, a brilliant businessman and strategist who is placing the best, brightest and most principled leaders of our generation on his team, who passionately loves his family, and is devoted to preserving the legacy of opportunity and prosperity in this country.


You will write in Cruz, support a third party, or sit at home on your moral high horse and enable a wicked, destructive and depraved cabal to continue its deconstruction of our Shining City on a Hill.

I chose the flea-bitten guy.

So please, send me those flea collars. I prefer pink.

by  7/22/16

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