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Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, once said of the character of the American people; “Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.  It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have.”

Speaking of will and moral courage, New Year’s resolutions have fallen into infamy, and for good reason.  They usually consist of some counter-intuitive activity which is expected to kick in after the crazed Holiday indulgences which begin sometime in mid-September as Halloween candy starts to amass on the shelves of supermarkets everywhere.  We expect that some magic will infuse us on January 2nd, with a resolve to completely reverse ingrained habits that we have been nourishing, literally, for months, maybe the entire year.  So New Year’s resolutions are going the way of the 8-track tape, BetaMax videos, and Rosie O’Donnell, into the heap of rejected pop-culture fixtures.  Despite all this I still recognize the human need to annually turn a page and mark the arrival of a new year, a new decade in the case of 2011, with a committment to become more disciplined or a little better in the execution of some essential undertaking.

The old template for New Year’s resolutions required movement as a measure of success or failure.  The needle on the bathroom scale had to move down or up.  The measuring tape around the waist had to be shortened or lengthened.  Trend lines on a profit/loss chart will move up or down.  Movement and activity have been the measure of one’s strength of resolve.  I am proposing for you now a new approach to how we measure our success or failure as Americans during the course of the next twelve months.  I propose that the less we move, as Americans, Patriots, and People of Faith, the greater will be our degree of success.  I propose that we resolve to be resolved.

President Obama said this week, regarding same-sex marriage, that “attitudes are evolving.”  I think his attitude is evolving, toward political expediency.  But who has really ever believed that Obama intended to stand firm for the Divinely appointed institution of marriage between man and woman?  Not I.  It is against Obama’s nature to not be socially progressive.  There has, over the last five or so decades,  been a shift in public sentiment regarding homosexuality and gay issues.  Homosexual practices have gone from being a hidden and disordered lifestyle, to something experimental and culturally subversive, to worthy of tolerance and admiration, to, as they are today, equal in rights and importance with all matters of family and traditional marriage.  As for me, my attitude has not evolved regarding gay marriage and other GLBT issues.  I love gay people as my brothers and sisters, but their pairings are not marriage, and never will be.  God instituted marriage as a mechanism to bring forth the next generation within the safety of a home, laced together within the bonds of opposite sex love and biological potential.   Legislative and legal efforts may attempt to redefine the nature of marriage, but only words and, perhaps, public opinion, will be altered.  The mind of God and His natural laws will not change.  They cannot change.  Otherwise God would cease to be God through self-contradiction of the absolute.  So, I will not be moved in 2011, away from my resolve that traditional marriage and families are unique, Divinely instituted, and should be defended if America is to retain her status as a great and promised land.

Democrats in public office, as well as President Obama, have vowed, following the defeat of the Dream Act, which lavishes the illegal children of illegal aliens with an enviable beeline to higher education as well as citizenship, to fight until it or similar legislation is passed.  Democrats, Liberals and Progressives are of the opinion that there is no harm in the infiltration of illegals, and their chosen illegality, and of their receiving the same rights and blessings as American citizens.  This attitude from the Left derives from an essential hatred for American culture as well as their acquiescence to multiculturalism and political correctness.    But the Left ignores the damage, even embraces the perpetrators of that damage, done by illegal aliens to our hospitals, social programs, schools, communities, neighborhoods, and conscientious legal immigrants.  The Left countenances crimes perpetrated in sanctuary cities by illegals because they believe that so doing will enhance the chances that our borders will eventually dissolve, along with the moral imperatives of a lawful citizenry.  But even as legislators and leaders across the country resolve to fight in behalf of illegal aliens, I resolve to not be moved.  I will continue to raise my voice in opposition to the injustice and moral destruction that open borders and permissive immigration laws foster.  Illegal immigrants are criminals; by definition, by attitude and by the fruits of their illegality.

Obamacare still looms as one of the greatest threats to the most personal liberties we have as Americans; those related to our bodies.  This socialized medicine law has come up against a number of constitutional challenges and it may be dismantled or fully repealed.  But if it is not, we are in grave danger of being forced into an inept system of government-run health care, where our freedom of choice will become moot, and we will be at the mercy of bureaucrats for our very basic needs.  These are optimistic scenarios since Obama’s government-run healthcare law has the potential to outright collapse the greatest medical model the world has ever known.  I will remain immovable in my contraposition to the very idea that the federal government has the right to confiscate my money to pay for the healthcare of another person.  I will support politicians who are willing to fight the good fight against the federal government in order to restore individual and states’ rights when it comes to medical decisions and legislation.  And I will do all within my power to stay healthy and self-sufficient with my basic medical needs.

Al Gore must surely be making some New Year’s resolutions this week, as he ponders 2011 from the deck of his swimming pool on his 9 million dollar estate in Montecito, California.  He needs to lose the paunch.  Maybe he is resolving to do a few extra laps in that gorgeous pool every morning.  Maybe he is resolving to have his personal chef put more veggies in his daily menu.  I’m pretty sure he is resolving to find ways to fleece the citizens of the world out of carbon credits so he can, perhaps, buy a villa in Italy, or a chalet in the Swiss Alps, for a weekend getaway when the weather gets ugly on the California coast.  Well, Mr. Gore, I resolve to stay in the world of empirical sanity and not get caught up in all the global warming hooey.  Climate change is a given.  And Al Gore is the hoaxist for hire du jour.  I will oppose Cap and Trade and all other legislative efforts which purport to stem climate change, yet are, in reality, designed to bring America to its knees with crushing dependence on foreign sources of fossil fuels and ineffective, ineffecient, and unproven green technologies.  I will support politicians who are willing to fight in the courts and in the halls of congress to ensure that fossil fuel exploration and extraction continue.  And I will commit my voice to the effort to bring gas, oil, and coal jobs back to the wide open spaces of Western Colorado.

These are just a few of the principles upon which I resolve to be unmoved.  I could go with more examples but I love you too much to make you sit through an wordy discourse about that which you already know.  In a nutshell: homegrown Islamic terrorism, the wars on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, the terrible START treaty and the bankruptcy of our nuclear arsenal, the financial disasters of overspent municipalities, cities and states, gays serving openly in the military, Education Reform, the national debt, bank collapses, Internet regulation, Big Sis and the hapless leadership in the TSA, the rise of China, and the torrent from Wikileaks.  The enemies of freedom are on the move.  Their goals are essentially to destroy the traditional family, and the conventions, both historic and moral, that keep us a liberated nation.  The scope and weight of anti-freedom legislation and regulation coming out of our governmen is bewlidering.  The usurpation of power by unelected bureaucratic agencies and “czars” is clearly unconstitutional and very dangerous.  But the Obama administration continues to force an unwilling majority to endure more regulation, more confiscatory policies, and less freedom.  The moral climate of America is in full-tilt slippery-slope mode and we are heading down the toilet.  Family values are not only derided in the culture, they are being replaced with false principles that neither sustain nor encourage healthy children.  Out-of-wedlock births are on the rise, and the overweaning central government is an incestuous player in the feedback loops  that perpetuate dependence and dispondence. We are being deluged in an intentional effort to overwhelm our ability to respond.  But the deluge will not take down those American Patriots who stand firm.  You must know who you are, what you believe, and exercise an unshakable faith in God.  The bulwark of liberty and the ensign of freedom to the world needs the confidence and immovable character of Patriots.  May your New Year be defined by an unwavering commitment to fight and endure to the end for the principles of liberty.

The ultimate determinant in the struggle now going on for the world will not be bombs and rockets but a test of wills and ideas; a trial of spiritual resolve: the values we hold, the beliefs we cherish and the ideals to which we are dedicated.

Ronald Reagan

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