Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity hypocritically attack domestic energy, ignore pollution from wildfires

August 27, 2016

The Sierra Club and Center for Biological Diversity are two green groups running off the rails of science and into the strange weeds of dismantling Western Civilization.

The Sierra Club and Center for Biological Diversity are two green groups running off the rails of science and into the strange weeds of dismantling Western Civilization. These globalist-funded, mini-Marxist radicals use hysterical narratives and disassociatve reporting to garner donations from the suckers who send them money to ‘save the planet.’ It’s not hard to find evidence that their  narratives are unscientific, but the bald-faced hypocrisy of pretending destructive wildfires in the West have no impact on ‘climate change’ while attacking domestic energy production for CO2 emissions and ‘haze,’ exposes their do-gooder constituents as being utterly daft.

Sierra Club and Center for Biological Diversity both advocate phasing out domestic energy production; fracking, mineral and fossil fuels extraction, coal and gas-fired power plants, etc., on the basis that they threaten the planet by polluting the atmosphere with haze and greenhouse gases. But in fact, wildfires, usually on federally-controlled public lands, create levels of smoke, soot, ash, haze, CO2, and carcinogenic pollution, far greater than domestic energy extraction or production.

In July the Sierra Club sent a mailer to members asking them to send this to the president, in an appeal to ‘protect’ the wilderness but shutting down logging and domestic energy production.

The Center for Biological Diversity, headed up by the vile Kieran Suckling, recently made this pitch to the Secretary of the Interior, Bureau Land Management (headed by former Harry Reid boy Friday, Neil Kornze), calling for an end to coal extraction on BLM-managed lands, again, in order to mitigate the effects of ‘climate change,’ (without calling for equal diligence in ending wildfires on federally-controlled lands).

The EPA ‘Haze rule’ effects parks, monuments, wilderness, wetlands and conservation areas under the umbrella of the National Parks service. Sierra Club is advancing the lie that ‘power plants’ cause haze in national parks, to pressure EPA to shut down power plants throughout the West.

The Sierra Club is holding seminars across the nation to teach their supporters to learn how to use various hysteria-driven narratives to lobby the EPA, state and local leaders, and members of Congress, to  end domestic energy production and extraction in the United States.


Extreme greens, such as Center for Biological Diversity and Sierra Club, espouse an agenda that, if implemented, would minimize economic expansion, decrease human population growth, and centralize control of energy and related economic activities, in a global government, all the while stuffing their pockets with cash through green-energy crony schemes (think Solyndra). This is bolstered by the fact that they refuse to acknowledge or offer solutions to increasingly large and dangerous wildfires in federally controlled forests, range lands, and national parks and monuments. It’s apparent to everyone with neural activity that these extremist greens are not about saving the planet from ‘climate change’ or protecting the environment. They’re about debasing Western Civilization by relegating the energy sources that makes civilization possible to the past.

Below are photographs from wildfires in national parks and national forests from 2016. More constant and up to date information on wildfires can be found HERE.

Cibola National Grasslands, New Mexico, August 2016

Example of fire creeping and smoldering on the North Fire

Maple Fire, Yellowstone National Park, August 2016

smoke plume of Maple Fire

Tule Fire, Sequoia National Forest, August 23, 2016

Fire spreads downhill through grass

Cedar Fire, Clearwater National Forest, Idaho  July 2016

Fuller fire with smoke and haze in Grand Canyon National Park, July 2016

Cox Fire, Olympic National Park, July 2016

Fire near Crater Lake, Crater Lake National Park, July 2016

Prescribed Burn, Sequoia National Park, July 2016

Fresno Fire, Big Bend National Park, July 2016

Satellite view of Sand Fire along coast of Central California

Satellite view of Soberanes Fire, Northern California, July 2016

Pioneer Fire, Boise National Forest, Idaho, August 2016 (63,000 acres)

Hotpot Fire, Nevada, Bureau of Land Management lands, July-August 2016 (123,000 acres)

Smoke column rises near the town of Midas


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