How Liberalism Turns Citizens into Murdering Little Tyrants


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September 10, 2013

The Age of Obama has generated a class of tyrants who not only wield the power of life and death over their own offspring, but they also possess the power to shame or legislate money out of the hands of those who earn it.

2black-gang Conservatives, who espouse the idea that the Creator made all humans equal and that equality of rights must be recognized by law, tend to leave matters of life and death up to God, or in extreme cases where one citizen poses an clear and present danger to others, the Judicial System.

Liberalism and all of its dysmorphic siblings; Progressivism, Socialism, Statism et al, are founded upon the belief that the state holds supreme authority over mankind, and that government, through the virtue of its supreme authority over man, trumps such trivial considerations as religion and morality.

When abortion was made legal in 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) determined that little humans are no humans at all. The Judicial Branch of the government handed victims of pregnancy supreme authority over the life or death of their own children. Roe vs. Wade was the mechanism through which government abandoned its traditional, limited role in the protection of the life and liberty of the individual. Blackman’s majority opinion essentially gave ordinary citizens the tyrannical power to take human life on the basis of little more than convenience. A Liberal agenda item enacted into a defacto abortion amendment by an activist SCOTUS turned a purported victim class–women made pregnant by male chauvinist pigs and beset by their own biological failings–into tyrants through the ability to redress their grievances against “unwanted” pregnancy with the tyrannical discretion to decide who lives and who dies.

The Age of Obama has generated a class of tyrants who not only wield the power of life and death over their own offspring, but they also possess the power to shame or legislate money out of the hands of those who earn it.  Agitators and community organizers on the Left, from OFA to SEIU to the NEA, focus their activities not on correcting injustices through revitalizing a morally accountable culture, but through lobbying for legislation that forces earners to cede greater and greater portions of their private property to the state. Victims of Capitalism, victims of skin color, and professional victims such as unionized educators who, no matter how much they make in salary or benefits, or how many days off they have for breaks and vacations, will always bemoan the perpetually inadequate pay of the noble teacher, harangue and tyrannize the taxpayer with guilt. The only social duty that remains is the burden the non-victims bear to submit to the will of tyrannical victims groups; submit their money, the health of their communities, and their personal safety.

The unthinkable thrill killing of Australian baseball player, Christopher Lane, in Oklahoma, and the beating death of elderly World War II veteran, Delbert Belton, in Washington States,  at the hands of young black men–two blacks and one white in the Oklahoma case–within a two day span earlier this week, is illustrative of the form of tyranny over life that liberal thought and policies engender. Black mob tyranny against whites is a relatively new phenomenon. Black on black crime accounts for the vast majority of violent offenses in the black community, and though white on black crime is not unheard of, black on white crime is roughly eight times more common than the reverse.

President Obama has poisoned the relatively calm waters of racial harmony with his ill advised, racially-weighted insertions on non-racial issues, such as when the Cambridge, Massachusetts  police confronted a disorderly Obama crony Louis Gates, and Obama inferred their acts were “stupid” and occurred only because Gates was black, or when George Zimmerman defended his life against the attack of a young black man and the President exploited the case to ignite his extremist base with a “don’t let whitey get away with this” brand of vitriol.  It’s painfully ironic that the first black POTUS has managed to resurrect a victim class that hasn’t existed since the early 1960’s. The entire life span of Barack Obama has been an era of progress for black determined to pursue the American dream. Yet in the short years since his election, his intonations have given rise to cross-racial contempt, as if Civil Rights laws never mattered and racial equality never existed. Milkers of the “racism” cow, Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Oprah, Waters, et al, managed to reanimate the mythical “white on black oppression” zombie to their own political and financial ends. Hard won social equality and racial harmony, which was the norm in America for decades, have been marked for death by a bastardized version of civil rights activism.

The Obama Administration “some people are more equal than others” ethos gives young blacks tacit tyranny over whites–any white or other minority with a whitish hue. The silence of the Obama Administration as cases of black-on-white hate crimes pile up, as well as its hysterical overreaction to the exoneration of George Zimmerman, indicate that to Obama, revisiting nearly-extinct white racism supersedes holding black criminals responsible for their crimes.

The apparent “gang initiation” killing of Christopher Lane by three punks may seems to be complicated by the fact that one of the punks was white. But it’s clear to all honest Americans that if all the perpetrators had all been WHITE and the victim had been black, that the racial tyrant victim class would have sustained an insult so severe that it could only be remedied by a pronouncement from on high abolishing civil rights for white people for a generation. The murders of Christopher Lane, Delbert Belton, hundreds of victims of racially-motivated crimes, and thousands of victims of stupid, senseless violent crimes, are the tragic products of our contemporary culture of death. Citizen tyrants who wield the power of life or death are found in the persons of women who abort their babies for trivial reasons. Citizen tyrants are found in the dependency class as they demand the government take from the earners to subsidize their own lives where they enjoy shelter, food, cable TV, and a smart phone without having to hold down a job. Citizen tyrants are the agitators that constantly badger local governments and industries to relent to their demands for everything from the environment to the arts, at the cost of lost liberty and shrinking economies.

Anti-Second Amendment activists scavenge the remains of every outrage in which a madman uses a gun, asserting the fallacy that law-abiding citizens can only be safe if they give up their right to self-defense. And in the age of Obama, citizen tyrants have grown particularly dangerous, as young blacks are targeting non-blacks in acts of vicious, anonymous, government sanctioned revenge.

by Marjorie Haun  9/10/13

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