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January 30, 2011

Gotcher Bomb Shelter?


“There is a portent of stormy weather ahead to which we had better give heed.”

Gordon B. Hinckley, from a talk given in 1998

If you look out at the American scene and think:

“This is a perilous time in which we live.  Our liberty and the provident lifestyle that comes with it are in jeopardy.  The abundance we now enjoy is tenuous, and things can change in the blink of an eye.  I must prepare myself and those I love to weather the storms that are upon us.”

Then you are probably a Conservative.

If you look out at the American scene and think:

“This is a perilous time in which we live.  My personal freedoms are in jeopardy and I might have to sell my stuff on Craig’s List.  I feel guilty about being a citizen of such a rich and bounteous country so I am going to buy a green car, give up red meat, and suffer like I deserve to suffer for being a capitalist pig.  Gas and food are really expensive; but it’s Bush’s fault.  Dude, things can get really ugly really quick.  I hope somebody will feed, clothe, nurse, and support me when the economy tanks even further and my unemployment insurance runs out.”

Then you are probably a Liberal.

I have lately been reminded of the exchange between Theoden, King of Rohan, and Aragorn (LOTR ALERT!) as they contemplate the movements of the enemy to their regions of Middle Earth.  Theoden protests in behalf of his citizenry, “I will not risk open war.”  And Aragorn retorts powerfully, “Open war is upon you whether you would risk it or not!”  America is now in the heart of the storm, and wars and rumors of wars buffet us, within and without.  Most of us don’t comprehend the full peril that is at our door because we have been inured, like the frog in the water that comes slowly to a boil, our hearts hardened, and our vigilance dulled by the constant bombardment of disasters of every imaginable kind.  Most people will not subsume the immensity of the threats  that beset us.  Like Aragorn, we must acknowledge the grim state of our affairs and act accordingly.  There is no opting out of this one.  The bad times are upon us.

So, on that happy note, let’s talk about HOPE, and HEARTH.  There is great hope that  Americans will weather the storms which now lash our shores.  And that hope lies in the hearth (which is a really cool euphemism for HOME, because it refers to a cozy cooking area around the fireplace and it contains the word heart).  I am speaking of the most basic form of home preparedness; that which consists of a full larder and a well stocked medicine cabinet.  The following is a list of items and their uses that will help almost anyone in any economic situation to be prepared.

I have not done per-person calculations since every family looks different and food preferences vary greatly.  These are simply ideas for getting started, but the things with which you stock your own pantries will be dictated by your own tastes.  Store what you Eat and Eat what you Store!

Three months home storage:

Medicine and Personal Hygiene: Obtain a 90-day supply of the following and store it securely away from moisture and heat.

Pantry supplies:  Buy what you eat and involve your family in making your long-term storage choices.  Obtain a 90-day supply of basic food and supplies for your pets.  All of the following items have a shelf life of much longer than 90 days.  Be sure to store them in a cool place with a stable temperature (garages are not good) away from light.

For your freezer: Properly wrapped meats and other foods will last in a freezer well over 90 days.  The key to making your freezer an effective tool for home storage is to Store what you Eat, and Eat what you Store.  If there is empty space in your freezer, fill the spaces with 3/4 full water bottles.  Your freezer will be more efficient when it is filled with frozen items and, if your lose power for a time, the food will stay frozen longer, up to 72 hours if you leave the freezer door closed.

Emergency supplies:

Some things are inevitable.  Gas and fuel prices will go up.  Food prices are on the rise, and forecasts paint a sobering picture as the prices of staples, such as wheat and sugar, surge upward.  We may not see food riots in the streets of our inner cities.  We may not even see long lines at gas stations.  However, home storage is a way to ensure that you have the basics to sustain life and health even as these very basics become expensive and limited.  At best, our home storage will feed us as we sacrifice other luxuries in order to afford the things we need to sustain economic viability.  At worst, our lives will depend up on what we do today to prepare.

One of the worst features of these fearful times in which we live is fear itself.  That fear comes from uncertainty, the dread of what could happen.  That dread can be replaced with calm and resolve.  All we have to do is take a few days, and plan and prepare to make our homes places of refuge.  Fear can be replaced with great peace when you know that within the walls of your home you have what you need to get through times of privation and disaster.  Don’t be the silly Liberal who expects someone else to provide for him during tough times.  Be the visionary Conservative, whose hope lies in the bounty of his hearth and home.

“If Ye are Prepared Ye Shall Not Fear” Gordon B. Hinckley

Food Prices Skyrocket, highest since 1974


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