Have you been Suckered by “Compassion for the Kids?”

July 16, 2014

“You cannot rely on your heartstrings to be the reins of your reason.” ~ Reagangirl


Isn’t it interesting how the media uses “compassion” to get people to side with giving aid and comfort to the illegal aliens hoards flowing into our communities? They publish things like, “Made up your mind on immigration? Meet this mother and her children first,” in an effort to tug at our heartstrings as they aid and abet the invasion of our sovereign nation by drug cartels, terrorists, criminals, and the illiterate poor of Central America. The same media will tell you that an unborn baby, of any race or nationality, doesn’t deserve your compassion, that it’s not really a person, doesn’t have rights, besides, that “fetus” could grow into an unwanted baby, and what a bad life it could have. Abortion activists will react with disgust–yes, disgust is an emotional reaction–to the picture of a fetus in or out of the womb. “That’s NOT a baby!” they howl.

You see, friends, you cannot rely on your heartstrings to be the reins of your reason. The principles of liberty are the cornerstone of freedom for everyone in the world, and ONLY correct principles can provide sure guidance for citizens navigating mists of chaos and deception. If the bleeding hearts were intellectually honest about the poor “child” illegal aliens needing and “deserving” a better life, they would adopt at least 3 of them into each of their families, volunteer to teach them English to ease what will be an overwhelming burden in the public schools, and use their private efforts to feed, care for, educate, and rear these people in their own homes on their own dime.

Too many good people have traded emotion for reason because–brace yourselves–the Left has figured out your vulnerabilities. “It’s for the kids,” “in the name of compassion,” “it’s the Christian thing to do.” Progressive anti-Americans have presented good Americans with an emotionally-driven conundrum. Jesus helped and blessed everyone he could, especially little children. It is a godly thing to be kind and life the poor and needy. We need to act in behalf of “the least of these my brethren.” But no patriotic American is comfortable in this conundrum, because those with a lick of common sense know that to reward illegal aliens with toys, food, clothes, and even the minimal necessities that nourish and heal, rings like a bell throughout the Western Hemisphere inviting the illegals already here to stay forever, and those not yet here to come. Christians, good people, know this. Yet progressives have put out the most powerful bait in the world for these good people, “What would Jesus do?” And many are biting vigorously and very publicly.

But before you bite the “compassion” bait you first must reason for yourself:

Do the ends of the destruction of America justify the means that some support of “helping the border children?” Those who are rewarding the child aliens (most of whom are between the ages of 14-18 and are 75% male) by giving them toys and food and helping them INTO American instead of sending them home, have themselves becomes means to the revolutionary Progressive end of fundamentally transforming America into a flagging, socialist. pseudo-democracy which cannot protect its own borders or culture, care for its own needy, or defend against the thousand forms of tyranny that seek to overrun its lands and steal its resources.

Is one act of  “compassion” that proves to be an enticement for more parents to send their children on a perilous trek, guided by coyotes and organized by drug cartels, to a foreign nation, really compassionate, or is does it simply temporarily assuage a sense of guilt or duty? Is one act of Christian charity that further weakens the identity of America as a strong nation of laws truly charitable, or will it lead to more suffering in the world, more hopelessness as the Shining City on a Hill dims, leaving the entire world in darkness, fear and confusion?

Good people of America; check your premises. Your short term compassion may be nothing more than emotional gratification, the easing of psychological guilt. But reason would tell you otherwise. Rewarding lawlessness leads to more lawlessness, and more lawless brings greater suffering to everyone.

by Marjorie Haun  7/16/14

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