Gun-Free Zones: Open Invitations to Psychopathic Killers

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January 5, 2013

The only certainty regarding violence in gun-free zones is the confidence a criminal can have that there will be no barriers between his violent impulses and his vulnerable targets.

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Shootings occur in virtually every locale in the United States. Violence is nothing new and almost everyone has been affected directly, or through family or friends, by acts of violence. But the reality is that the safest places in America are those neighborhoods and communities where law-abiding citizens own and carry guns.

I remember the night last July when I pulled out of my driveway and the digital clock on the dashboard read 2:45 a.m. I was on my way to pick up my teenage son and his friends from the local cinema where they attended the premiere showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.” I flipped the radio to my favorite talk channel and a breaking news alert injected a sense of horror into the early morning airwaves: “Ten people have been killed in a mass shooting at a Colorado premiere of ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’ At around 12:30 a.m. a gunman entered a theater in Aurora…”

Not ten, but twelve people were killed by a twisted young man in that cinema.

Three weeks ago while instructing a group of 2nd graders during the morning of December 14, my principal walked quietly into my room, placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “We’re meeting in my office when the kids go out to recess. Something terrible has happened.” Having participated in a number of actual lock-downs, I feared the worst.  Following our impromptu meeting that morning the faculty returned to our duties, our eyes more focused, our hearts more tender regarding our little charges who played innocently in the distance.


The Aurora shooter chose the Cinemark theater specifically because of its “gun-free premises” policy. Aurora, Colorado has several large cinema complexes, but none of the others implemented such a policy prohibiting firearms. Law-abiding citizens, including those with concealed carry permits, respect such policies and as a result, this location became a shooting gallery for a psychopathic punk who knew there would be no one to stop him.

The murders of twenty youngsters and and six adult faculty members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut took place on a gun-free campus.  The mentally ill, narcissistic filth who targeted those babies knew that the campus had no armed guards. Evil, again, had free reign because politically correct and foolish policies, obeyed only by law-abiding people, made a gun-free zone an inviting opportunity for a scumbag making his mark through mass murder.

The Gun-Free School Zones Act was passed in the early 1990’s. The initial act was found unconstitutional, but after some revisions it became law with the signature of Bill Clinton.  The act does not mandate that all schools become “gun-free zones” but it does exempt them from possible consequences for the infringement of Second Amendment rights when they require that a private individual relinquish their personal firearms before coming onto school property.  Hospitals, public parks, commercial areas, and uncounted private businesses have followed suit in a disastrous attempt to protect the lives of law-abiding people by disarming law-abiding people.

Since the Gun-Free Schools Act was signed by Clinton in 1995, the rate and intensity of mass killings–which are defined as  murders where four or more individuals are killed in a single attack–has skyrocketed.  Some have speculated that the zero-tolerance aspects of the gun-free schools policy, and its overwrought implementation by administrators who lack basic firearms knowledge and training, have caused students and staff alike to feel insecure and paranoid in the school setting.  The only certainty regarding violence in gun-free zones is the confidence a criminal can have that there will be no barriers between his violent impulses and his vulnerable targets.

Campus lock-downs have become commonplace since the 1990’s.  Lock-downs are usually initiated by an announcement by a secretary in the main office of the school, and the subsequent locking of doors and turning off of lights by teachers, who then must quietly hide with their students inside of the darkened classrooms until the “all clear” is given.  The shelter-in-place procedure is similar, with the teachers locking the students in the classroom while they quietly go about their studies. The lock-down and shelter-in-place procedures are designed, not to drive away or neutralize the bad guys, but to minimize the casualties that the public school culture has come to accept as inevitable when evil individuals walk onto a campus.  Gun-free school zones = unarmed teachers and students. Lock downs = quiet, sitting ducks.

The GFSZA should be repealed and principals, teachers, custodians and other staff should be encouraged to become adept marksmen and carry firearms while at school. Schools should have several armed staff members on campus at all times. Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech. and the other massacres that make up the history of gun-free zones, would likely never be repeated. Though crazed shooters might enter a campus at any given time, with armed staff present, they would be neutralized sooner rather than later.

Placards proclaiming “Gun-Free Zone” should be replaced with, “Armed staff protect the children on this campus. If you attempt to harm any person at this school, you will be killed.” 

The Second Amendment  protects the individual’s right to self defense. The individual has the right to his life, liberty, and property.  The Second Amendment protects the right of the individual to defend his life, liberty and property.  Gun-free zones are unconstitutional, and they expose individuals to the tyranny of one evil man who has a gun, knife, club, pointy stick, brass knuckles, or anything that can be used in an offensive attack.

Two and a half million crimes are prevented each year in the United States by people who possess firearms. Most of these incidents occur in private homes. Public and private entities need to trust the wisdom of the American gun-owner and eliminate the most dangerous places in their towns and cities; the gun-free zones.

The slaughter of innocents in Newton, Connecticut has served to illustrate the absolute necessity of having armed personnel on all school campuses. The Aurora killings have exposed the absurdity behind “gun free zones” in commercial businesses. But these incidents have also  become the bull horn through which the anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment forces have bellowed their hysterical talking points. With the disastrous re-election of Barack Obama, Sandy Hook, Aurora, and every incident of violence, major and minor, where a criminal has harmed someone with a gun, has become a catalyst for the looming attempt by government to disarm the citizens of the United States of America.

by Marjorie Haun  1/5/13

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