Glenn Beck: America’s Self-Righteous “Charity Man”

July 11, 2014

This is a political stunt. For as much spiritual fervor as Glenn Beck displays for us to see, true charity is not performed for public consumption in a vast, self-aggrandizing PR campaign.


Glenn Beck’s grandstanding regarding  illegal alien kids flowing into the country and his very public show of “compassion and caring” make me sick.

This is a political stunt. For as much spiritual fervor as Glenn Beck displays for us to see, true charity is not performed for public consumption in a vast, self-aggrandizing PR campaign.

Mitt Romney is a better example of true, humble charity. Reluctant to even talk about his good works and kindness, during his 2012 campaign Romney hid his charitable works as much as possible from the media. Glenn Beck is proving to be a buffoon, embracing lawlessness and chaos in the name of charity, when in fact, the border children WILL NOT benefit from being encouraged to come here and stay where they are separated from their parents and will live in dependency, as a permanent underclass, unacquainted with the Founding Principles of America, and ignorant of history and the qualities which define American Exceptionalism.

Glenn Beck pretends to be a moral man, but there is nothing moral about rewarding lawlessness, enticing more children to leave their homes and risk their lives in a 45 day journey from Central America. There is nothing moral about giving aid and comfort to illegal invaders, mostly moms and teenagers, who have in their midst “other than Mexican” aliens from terrorist states, China, and other enemy nations using children as a cover to infiltrate this country with plans to KILL thousands of Americans. There is nothing moral about welcoming dangerous Hispanic gang members who will bring crime, murder, and drugs into our communities and fill our already-overburdened jails and prisons. There is nothing moral about ignoring the diseases and parasites these “children” will introduce into border towns, inevitably killing many Americans. There is nothing moral about falling into line with a tyrannical government which is literally dumping non-citizens into American communities, taking advantage of Christian churches, as it  fundamentally transforms the United States into a weakened, debt-ridden, poverty stricken, social welfare state which is powerless to help its own people and control its own destiny.

I would be impressed if Glenn Beck and his self-righteous ilk would take their moral bullhorns and resources and help the thousands of citizen children who languish in foster care because they come from chaotic homes where parents are stoned, drunk, abusive, or not present. I would love to see Glenn Beck himself adopt a couple of citizen teens who want with all their hearts just to have the security of a loving home with parents who care. Glenn Beck would be in the right if, instead of embracing lawlessness and chaos perpetuated by a despotic president and failed socialist states to the south, he gave his voice and money to efforts to bring school choice to inner city kids whose only chance to escape poverty will be a superior education.

I’m fed up with bleeding hearts like Glenn Beck. Charity begins at home. There are millions of American kids who need the kind of help he and his company can render. But those kids, those poor, struggling American kids, they’re so mundane. And helping them doesn’t provide the kind of photo-op “Charity Man” Glenn Beck wants for himself.

Hey Glenn Beck, instead of giving soccer balls to illegal alien Central American  teenagers, why don’t you give footballs and baseballs to American kids who could use a little tender loving care and a lot of hope?

I’m Marjorie Haun, I’m an Mormon, and I approved this message.

by Marjorie Haun  July 11, 2014

  1. Scott Yagemann

    I agree Marjorie. Not sure what Beck is doing here, except to show this is how charity is supposed to be, from one person to another, not legislated. But he isn’t helping here. These children (and they are not all just children) need to be put on a plane and sent back to their home countries to get the message across that we will not be accepting anymore people. Otherwise this never ends.


  2. At one time, most people enjoyed Glenn Beck, but I now place him in the same category with Al Gore….a fraud and quite obvious with this thought of going to the border with teddy bears. Oh pleaseeee…… so it’s good to read this article that shows me there are others who can see through the fraud of Beck just to get publicity.

  3. Martha

    Well said Marjorie.

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