GJ Sentinel omits most damning evidence of anti-Trump activity

October 27, 2016

As usual, the Daily Sentinel told only part of the story. In today’s issue, Gary Harmon did a story on tensions and divisions in the Grand Junction area related to this year’s presidential election. The photo accompanying the story was of a slightly bent Hillary sign, with an intact Trump sign in the background. The front page photo misrepresents the truth about what is actually happening in Mesa County, and the thousands of dollars worth of damage done to large Trump signs which have been placed on private property.

The following photos were sent to the Sentinel, but the editors chose not to use them. Please share, and contact the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel editorial staff and ask them to publish the photos below.


This is the photo the editor chose to publish with Gary Harmon’s story.

THESE are the photos sent to the Daily Sentinel by the man who has repeatedly put up, taken down and replaced Trump signs across the Grand Valley during this year’s persistent cycle of vandalism.

trumpsign2 trumpsign3 trumpsign4

Sign @ 12th and Horizon cut from top to bottom

Sign @ 12th and Horizon cut from top to bottom

Harley Hill

Harley Hill

Posted by   10/27/16

  1. Scott Yagemann

    This is so disheartening. People who vote democrat are ignorant even though they have answers that satisfy them. I give up arguing because there are so many reasons not to vote dem that it would take hours to even list all of the problems, it’s overwhelming – not to mention that their nominee is a criminal on several levels having broken many laws. Maybe that’s why they think it is perfectly fine to damage other peoples’ property (sign). They think Republicans have blocked Obama on many occasions although the only one they are right on is the Supreme Court vote. How about foreign policy? That is an endless stream of disasters. I can’t even express myself I am so pissed off.

  2. Thank you for the real truth, Marjorie! Looking forward to being a contributor and helping you move ahead for We the People!

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