Food Nazi Backlash

There is a voyeuristic enjoyment one has while watching professional eaters gorge on tables full of delicious looking food.

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There is a voyeuristic enjoyment one has while watching professional eaters gorge on tables full of delicious looking food.  The pleasure center of the brain gets a satisfying jolt when one watches various foodies travel around the country and sample the greasiest, cheesiest, biggest dishes from every imaginable eatery.  There is even a twisted amusement one has while watching an adventuresome gastronomist  nosh the naughty and nauseating weird foods offered up by creative cuisinistas around the world.   I am speaking, of course, of “Man vs. Food” with Adam Richman on the Travel Channel, and “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives” featuring Guy Fieri on Food Network and “Bizarre Foods” with Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel,

These shows are favorites for me and my kids. Yeah, it is a little lowbrow, but the entertainment quality of watching a full-scale frontal assault on the food Nazis of the last few decades is decidedly high-falutin’.  I will share with you the intimacy that I even feel a little satiated after watching Adam Richman polish off what ever 6 lb. monstrosity is placed under his muscular mouth on any given episode. “Man vs. Food” is a gastronomical gladiator game.  And man doesn’t always win.  The outcome is sometimes gruesome.  But this food-cop backlash is  the esculent equivalent of Professional Wrestling and Roller Derby.  A hidden obsession.  A delightful transgression.

The hosts of these gluttonous galas are arguably hefty, short of obese but “big boned.” But I will put forth the reasoning that their TV shows are NOT responsible for the obesity/diabetes epidemic in the world.  There are too many variables that contribute to such severe conditions.  My kids and I are all between 19-23 BMI, not overweight.  But these eating orgies are some of our favorite down-time entertainment.  I contend that this is not a nutritional backlash, but rather a cultural phenomenon.  It boils down to liberty.

Michelle Obama burst onto the scene as the poster-girl of dietetic hypocrisy. “Do what I tell you to do, but don’t expect me to do what I tell you to do.”  Her “Let’s Move” program is as vapid as her husband sans teleprompter.  It means nothing.  It has no substance. It is simply another case of the Left grandstanding, pretending to live better and know better than the rest of us peasants.  We peasants know it is BS and so we rebel. BACKLASH!

Cable television, thank goodness, is still a free market entity.  Unlike the oldy, moldy dinosaur networks, they actually care about getting viewers.  The food freak shows are heartily popular at this time in American culture.  It is not because we have gone insane with gorging ourselves and filling our sedentary lives with endless consumption.  It is because we cherish the freedom we have to make the most personal decisions about our own bodies.  Back off food Nazis. You’ve been exposed as elites and frauds.  You will not tell us how to run our lives, care for our bodies, or engage our digestive processes.  You may just get devoured in the gladiatorial arena of personal rights.

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