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// ]]> /ˈfɛməˌnɪzəm/

-noun 1. the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. 2. a movement in social and political policies which seeks the attainment of such rights for women. 3. feminine character.     Girlfriends, Americans, Sisters, listen up!  The new generation of Conservative American women has wrenched “Feminism” from the gnarly grasp of the moldy-oldie, aging hippie, militant-radical, crazy women who, for way too long, have called themselves “feminists”.   As you read the definition above you will observe that “feminism” has nothing to do with abortion-on-demand.  It has nothing to do with the debasement, in definition and function, of marriage.  Feminism, in its very essence, exults marriage for the very reason that women and men are EQUAL, but complimentary, partners.  The word itself comes from “fem” which is the root word for female and feminine.  And true feminism draws upon all of the feminine, womanly and motherly qualities a modern woman has to offer.  We’ll let the bitter and brittle “powered” women of the militant ilk keep the apt label, “feminazis”, so graciously coined by Rush Limbaugh, because it befits their harsh, unmerciful and unAmerican character.  So, with this in mind, I will paint a portrait of the New American Feminist over the next few weeks, which illustrates her beliefs, her qualities and things she does that make her absolutely crucial to the causes of freedom and truth.   What She Believes

  Next time:  How to Spot a New American Feminist


  1. Bruce

    Standing with my Sister in advancing the New American Feminist!

  2. Ken Hayes

    Very cool!! Well said!!! and I wish more American Women read your blogs!
    “You go girl!”

  3. Brian

    It’s rather funny that only men have commented on this and so far they love it.

    You’re rather disrespectful towards your elders, the “feminazis”. I don’t quite understand what your arguments have to do with the definition of feminism, and it also requires certain axioms about what is biological that many would not agree with.

    Feminism supports marriage with or without men for the sake of the person you’re with, not for the idea of someone complimenting someone else. Women are complete individuals on their own, they should have a man if they want one, not because they need one.

    Woman have better reflexes and have made great advances in sports like drag-racing. They may be better able to aim and shoot with efficiency on the field, so why don’t we swap men and women, and the women can use their natural instinct to protect men, lol.

    And to assume that all men like women and all women like men, and that all people are born into the binaries of woman and man, but of course, God doesn’t create intersex people.

    As a women’s studies major, which I believe gives me some credibility in determining feminism, I would advise you to be careful as to how you label things. Know that everyone in North America and South America says they are American, and that this has nothing to do with the advancement of women’s rights. So perhaps: “New United States advancement of gender-roles.”

    I highly doubt that a woman functioning within these axioms could breathe without the help of a man. Feminism my ass.

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