Federal Judge calls out BLM for “literal, intentional conspiracy” to force Nevada rancher out of business

February 22, 2016

As originally published by Truth & Action


U.S. District Court Judge Robert C. Jones states that for over 20 years the Bureau of Land Management engaged in a “literal, intentional conspiracy” against Nevada rancher E. Wayne Hage to force his family out of business.

“In summary, government officials, and perhaps also Mr. Snow, entered into a literal, intentional conspiracy to deprive the Hages not only of their permits but also of their vested water rights.”

“This behavior shocks the conscience of the Court and provides a sufficient basis for a finding of irreparable harm to support the injunction described at the end of this Order.”

Basically, the BLM attempted to destroy the Hage family’s livelihood because he asserted his rights to the land which his family held since the late 19th century.

This is exactly what the BLM is attempting to do to Cliven Bundy.

The corruption and downright evil of our federal government is so far out of control it’s time for a complete top-to-bottom house cleaning!

In his opinion of United States v. Estate of Hage, U.S. District Court Judge Robert C. Jones reveals that after late Nevada rancher E. Wayne Hage indicated on his 1993 grazing permit renewal that by signing the permit, he was not surrendering his family’s long-standing water and forage rights on the land, the BLM not only rejected the permit but also conspired for decades to both deny his family’s property rights and to destroy their cattle business.

“Based upon E. Wayne Hage’s declaration that he refused to waive his rights — a declaration that did not purport to change the substance of the grazing permit renewal for which he was applying, and which had no plausible legal effect other than to superfluously assert non-waiver of rights — the Government denied him a renewal grazing permit based upon its frankly nonsensical position that such an assertion of rights meant that the application had not been properly completed,” Judge Jones wrote. “After the BLM denied his renewal grazing permit for this reason by letter, the Hages indicated that they would take the issue to court, and they sued the Government in the CFC [Court of Federal Claims.]”

And at that point, Jones explained, the BLM refused to consider any further applications from Hage.

“The entire chain of events is the result of the Government’s arbitrary denial of E. Wayne Hage’s renewal permit for 1993–2003, and the effects of this due process violation are continuing,” he stated.

Judge Jones continued:

In 2007, unsatisfied with the outcome thus far in the CFC, the Government brought the present civil trespass action against Hage and the Estate. The Government did not bring criminal misdemeanor trespass claims, perhaps because it believed it could not satisfy the burden of proof in a criminal trespass action, as a previous criminal action against E. Wayne Hage had been reversed by the Court of Appeals. During the course of the present trial, the Government has: (1)invited others, including Mr. Gary Snow, to apply for grazing permits on allotments where the Hages previously had permits, indicating that Mr. Snow could use water sources on such land in which Hage had water rights, or at least knowing that he would use such sources; (2) applied with the Nevada State Engineer for its own stock watering rights in waters on the land despite that fact that the Government owns no cattle nearby and has never intended to obtain any, but rather for the purpose of obtaining rights for third parties other than Hage in order to interfere with Hage’s rights; and (3) issued trespass notices and demands for payment against persons who had cattle pastured with Hage, despite having been notified by these persons and Hage himself that Hage was responsible for these cattle and even issuing such demands for payment to witnesses soon after they testified in this case.

By filing for a public water reserve, the Government in this case sought specifically to transfer to others water rights belonging to the Hages. The Government also explicitly solicited and granted temporary grazing rights to parties who had no preferences under the TGA [Taylor Grazing Act of 1934], such as Mr. Snow, in areas where the Hages had preferences under the TGA.

It is necessary to note that under the TGA, according to Red Canyon Sheep Co. v. Ickes (1938), a rancher whose cattle had previously grazed in the area based upon adjacent land, water rights on the land, etc., has a right to a grazing permit over others who apply for a permit to graze the area without having previously grazed there.

So in this instance, Hage would have priority over Snow for a grazing permit, but the BLM willfully ignored this court ruling.

And after the agency filed for a public water reserve, according to Judge Jones, the BLM “sent trespass notices to people who leased or sold cattle to the Hages, notwithstanding the Hages’ admitted and known control over that cattle, in order to pressure other parties not to do business with the Hages, and even to discourage or punish testimony in the present case.”

“For this reason, the Court has held certain government officials in contempt and referred the matter to the U.S. Attorney’s Office,” he wrote. “In summary, government officials, and perhaps also Mr. Snow, entered into a literal, intentional conspiracy to deprive the Hages not only of their permits but also of their vested water rights.”

“This behavior shocks the conscience of the Court and provides a sufficient basis for a finding of irreparable harm to support the injunction described at the end of this Order.”

So in other words, the BLM willfully attempted to destroy the Hage family’s livelihood because Hage dared to assert his existing rights to the land which his family has held since the late 19th century.


And unfortunately the BLM is attempting to do the exact same thing to Cliven Bundy.

“Has Attorney General Eric Holder prosecuted any federal officials for criminal activity and violation of the Hage family’s constitutionally protected rights? No,” William F. Jasper, senior editor of The New American, wrote on the subject. “Has Sen. Harry Reid denounced this lawlessness and criminal activity by government officials and call upon President Obama and Attorney General Holder to protect the citizens of his state from the depredations of federal officials under their command? No.”

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  1. When will the government start listening and giving it up. Someone said they are trying to acquire land for collateral on the countries debt to China.

  2. Someone is working to curtail the abuses of the federal government by amending the Constitution to restrict federal powers. Go to: and sign the petition.

    • ITSa341

      A convention of states is the worst and most incompetent option at this point. It is the call of those who are either incompetent, uneducated, and outright unpatriotic.
      Do you know what happened at the last convention of states? We ended up with a new Constitution even though the convention was intended to be limited in scope and restricted to a few small issues.
      The people have no say in a convention of states and are left to the mercy of the bureaucrats who are appointed by politicians. Do you really trust appointed bureaucrats? Do you really trust politicians to appoint bureaucrats that would limit their own power and authority?
      Stop and think it through.

  3. desertescape

    Rangegirl, you are the best!!!!

  4. Kathy Smith

    The 10th Amendment already restricts federal powers. In fact, that’s what the entire Constitution does – balance federal and state powers. Let’s use the U.S. Constititution as the Founders intended, not amend it.

  5. Scott Palmer

    I am a member of both the Convention of States
    And the National Liberty Alliance.
    We (NLA) are trying to make sure we have constitutional sheriffs then we can take the courts under common law. Arrest any Judge or Magistrate that violates their oath to uphold and defend the constitution from all enemy’s, both foreign and domestic. Once we take the courts, we can use them to go after any public official who violates their oath. We have formed common law grand juries in all 50 states. We can write true bills of indictment. The judge has no power if not for the sheriff with his gun. If he is an oath keeper, he will arrest the judge when and it won’t take long for the rest to uphold their oath. Capital Felony Treason is no joke.

    • Roger Excel

      As previously noted, Widespread corruption. I tried to charge a judge with treason but no one will touch it. Went all the way to K Harris but was only deferred to a law office in SF who was ‘handling’ issues with this particular judge. (Many people had issues with this judge.) They were his defense! Judge retired. No one can touch him.
      “…complete top-to-bottom housecleaning…”
      Is that the same as “Drain the swamp”? I concur.

    • maki7576

      Treason is no joke… Neither is Tyranny. Your plan, however well intentioned, opens the door to tyranny. I would suggest taking a step back and relooking at the issue. I hate government abuse. I stand behind the constitution. But you need to be smart in how you do things.

    • Cory

      So…correct me if I’m misunderstanding you, but from what I’m reading, it looks like you wholly support the BLM and consider these families who are trying to protect land that has been theirs for ages, from a very sickening corrupt crooked loathsome Government that thinks they can just take whatever they want when they want with ZERO regard for LAWS that protect American Citizens from this sickening corruption, CRIMINALS??
      And you and people like you will go after those in positions to STOP you or the Government from hurting people’s livelihood?
      Is that correct or just the opposite?

    • Just EXACTLY like New York State’s EVCON COMMISSION did ALL OVER THE BLUE LINE. Our FAMILY was subjected to this VERY SAME CommieRAT Stuff. New York’s Cornell University and all of Rockefellers MAFIA …… Trust Me ……..

  6. Mike Whitlock

    So glad this is being looked at and hopefully they can look at the murder of a man for protesting this tyranny

  7. Roma Hargraves

    Obama, an illegal alien immigrant, who was not a citizen of the USA, and who also claimed to have been born in the USA, has never been able to prove that a doctored up birth certificate qualifies him as a natural born citizen of the USA, and Eric Holder, Attorney General, are as thick as thieves and, in my opinion are mafia type criminals. An article on fb today said Obama is responsible for extracting billions of dollars out of corporations in our country. Obama States that he has an army of two million ready to go. He wants to separate California from the rest of our country, called Calexit, and to become the President of this new and separate country. Governor Jerry Brown wants California to be a sanctuary city which he has declared it to be. Do you see where this is going? Obama has no intentions of quitting his hatred towards USA. He has formed a “Shadow Government” of according to him, numbers 30,000 members and Barack and Michelle have a brand new business which includes 250 offices all across the USA and nationally. Small ads, hardly noticeable, on fb advertise their business, check it out, (expedited Guaranteed 24 Hr. Passport in Under 24 Hours. Fast, Safe & Secure. Order Online! > Next is a message reading, Warning: Liberal Snowflakes plug your ears and run for your safe space . . . Or your freaking “protest wall.” (NOTE: AFTER the ellipsis to the colon is in red color.
    Source: Inguisitr (also in red). Posted on Feb. 17, 2017 By Barry A.A. Dillinger entitled Explosive: Hillary/Russia Ties REVEALED . . .Tens of Millions Secretly Changed Hands! (All on fb)

  8. Marilyn Smith

    I pray that our new administration will jump on this and immediately release all these unjustly imprisoned ranchers and those who tried to help them retain their rights! The Hammonds and Bundys and Jo Robertson and so many more! Plus the grieving family of LaVoy Finnicum who was murdered in an ambush by the viscous BLM and FBI!

  9. Mike Young

    Problem is how do you at the NLA get the County Sheriff to muster the courage to actually do their jobs and arrest these corrupt Judges that do not uphold both the laws, and their oath to the Constitution? If the County Sheriff’s will do their Constitutional authorized duty, and arrest Judges, then yes we can take back our Judicial system and place it back into Common Law Jurisdiction where it properly belongs instead of using Administrative Law Jurisdiction that we currently have today.

  10. Gary Sheridan

    Keep up the good work. I am sure President Trump will help fix the problem.

  11. Alan

    Destroy BLM. States need to take over management of those lands. Move management of forest land to the Counties where they are located. End of story!

  12. AJ

    Look to Dirty Harry Reid as the catalyst in all of this!

  13. Judson Witham

    Just EXACTLY like New York State’s EVCON COMMISSION did ALL OVER THE BLUE LINE. Our FAMILY was subjected to this VERY SAME CommieRAT Stuff. New York’s Cornell University and all of Rockefellers MAFIA …… Trust Me ……..

  14. Jeffrey Cameron

    The government needs to keep their noses out of other people’s business and protect ALL citizens instead of ruining people’s lives for the benefit a few people’s gain

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