Erasing Identity: Why the Left is subverting God, gender, and history

August 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner was a global heart throb in 1972. Lean, fit, boyishly handsome, he symbolized the Olympic-class competitive male. Bruce Jenner, in 2015, is a global twit. Dressed in women’s clothing, affected speech, nose nipped, junk tucked, and skin tugged tight to hide his maleness and his age, Jenner now symbolizes the crowning absurdity of the 21st Century; the notion that a man can be a woman if he feels like a woman inside.


The transgender phenomenon is a lie, a pathetic charade, unfortunately propped-up by a community of agenda-driven psychological clinicians, and mainstream media as adrift from reality as Bruce Jenner himself. The power of progressive social-experimentation constructs, such as “fluid” sexuality; transgender, LGBTQ, trans-racial, and other ludicrous fabrications, lies in their appeal to those seeking purpose and/or attention; the vulnerable, or wounded or lonely who crave an identity that will set them apart and provide meaning, a cause, in the midst of what appears to be an increasingly pointless and purposeless world.

There is no doubt that a small minority of people struggle with emotional and physical impulses which drive them to explore homosexual relationships, or cause them to question their sexual identity. That minority comprises less than 2 percent of the population of the United States.

None of this would have been imaginable 20-30 years ago. But the slippery-slope of social decline has been a slippery-slope away from God and the social institutions He devised to keep us moored to Him. In 1962 teacher-led open prayer was banned from public schools. In 1973 the Supreme Court constructed the ‘right to privacy’ as a basis for legalizing unconstrained abortion. In June of 2015, the Supreme Court–despite determinations to the contrary in 38 states–proclaimed that marriage, as instituted and designed by God, no longer exists. SCOTUS, subverting the will of the people, ripped the moorings of law away from the immutable commandments and eternal realities of God.

The Progressive Left’s war on God and religion is akin to their war on traditional marriage which is akin to their war on biological gender identity permanence which is strangely akin to their war on true and accurate history.

Race-opportunists and history revisionists pounced on the hideous massacre of 9 innocent black worshipers in North Carolina by the murderous punk, Dylan Roof, as fortuity to eliminate the Confederate Flag as a state symbol throughout the South. The Stars and Bars, or more accurately, the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, became a symbolic rallying point for the Confederate States of America. Although its history and symbolism are broad and complex, Progressives and race-exploiters used the North Carolina church massacre to mount a campaign to ban the Confederate Flag image from public view.


Deemed “offensive” or “hurtful” by Progressives and myriad useful idiots asserting the tyranny of discomfort, Confederate Flags and images of Confederate Flags are being erased from public view across the nation, despite calls to guard history and its symbols from selective, politically-correct censorship.

Contained within a massive salvo of arrows aimed at the heart of western values and traditions are transgender-ism, homosexual marriage and the equating of holy matrimony to other aberrant sexual arrangements, swelling ranks of Atheists, Pagans and apostates, and efforts to erase symbols, characters,  Christian principles, and true accounts from history. But how is the elimination of America’s symbols connected to the dissolving of lines between male and female, husband and wife, marriage and homosexual encounters? The answer is human identity.

Identity, the self, as well as certain ideas and things one associates with the self, are the foundation of human action. Sound self-identity and the confidence and assurance that come with “knowing oneself” are key to mental health in people of all ages. With a diminished identity or knowledge of self, comes a diminished ability to think and act in healthy ways.

The lack of a sure identity–fluidity–brings confusion, suffering, and an inability to act with determination and direction. If you don’t know who or what you are or where you come from, you will lack the ability to positively and healthfully determine what to do.  It is dehumanizing to base identity upon passing appetites and popular whim.

To use a deceptive premise, such as “if a man feel like he’s a woman, he can BE a woman,” or, “marriage is defined only by love,” can isolate an individual whose identity is unformed or tenuous from the reality of the self, the authentic, biological, physical, and moral identity. Without the context of an identity, or knowledge of the nature of the authentic self, action is easily commanded by external voices that appear confident and sure. Humans seek stability, assurance, a sense of security in feeling that actions are “right.” In the absence of a sure, authentic, moral identity, one will allow the louder voices, even those which come from deceivers and users, to both command, and take responsibility for his or her actions.

Within the progressive, pop-culture sheepfold of people with false or weak identities, is a deceptive sense of belonging and safety.  One who believes he is “transgender” because of emotional turmoil or biological imbalance, may seek a place of belonging and can be easily drawn into a milieu where the expression of his confusion and emptiness is lauded as “brave” and “pioneering,” as in the case of Bruce Jenner.

While the creature as which we are born, and the genetic capacity within, is our human identity; male or female, black or white, bright or average, tall or short, our history defines our national identity; good or ill, moral or immoral, successful or failing. The elimination by Progressives of our historic rites and symbols, from prayer in public schools, to images and monuments of the Ten Commandments, to representations of Confederate Flags, is also a forced estrangement from the collective identity of our country. Without a national history that is sure and accessible to all, there is no nation to which men and women can pledge allegiance. The deceptive, commanding, confident voices may then gain the allegiance of those embarrassed or confused or ignorant about their national identity formed through collective history; the unique heritage borne of lessons learned from the past.

To erase symbols, memorials, words from books, and expressions from spoken language, is to discredit the whole of American history from its very founding. If America can be effectively discredited by the progressive Left, then the founding principles of Life, Liberty, Property, the Pursuit of Happiness–all given by the Hand of our Creator, and the laws which defend our God-endowed rights–are discredited. All wars fought in the name of liberating humanity from tyrannical governments will be discredited. The builders of the nation, and the economic system of free-market Capitalism, which made the nation possible, will be discredited, left to dim from memory as a brief folly during which the experiment of human freedom failed.

History, gender, marriage, God are the most obvious targets in Progressives’ cross hairs. But they are presently visible casualties in a much greater war against justice, freedom, and humanity itself. To cede our personal identity and/or national identity–our individual and collective natures–is to cede Natural Law, and to cede Natural Law relegates free men and women to the roles of serfs in an arbitrary and unforgiving dictatorship.

by Marjorie Haun 8/25/15




  1. sandy hough

    I understand what you are saying completely. They want a commune with everyone flowing around, dependent on them, having sex, but genderless. They can control everyone that way. Reason is being taken away. Children do not know right from wrong because everything is ok. The reason for so many teen suicides is because teens have benn to the abortion clinic with their girlfriends a few times at least and they have nothing to respect about life. They have parents that are either working all of the time for the 4 wheel signature car or parents on government. They don’t want either.

  2. It’s all about control of the will of the people. It is a way for Obama and Hillary to destroy America. Vote Democrate if you want to see even worse things. Vote Republican if you want to clean up and undo the heinous acts of a narcissist such as Obama. He has already made believers of the godly into the ungodly.

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