EPA: All Power and no Responsibility

August 21, 2015

Buss: The EPA, unmasked

With great power comes great responsibility.

But the Environmental Protection Agency appears to want all the power and none of the responsibility — not a good harbinger for a future that promises ever-greater EPA control of Americans’ lives and the economy.

On Aug. 5, workers contracted with the EPA punctured a wall at Gold King Mine, releasing 3 million gallons of century-old toxic sludge into the fast-moving waters of Colorado’s Animas River. Lead, arsenic, mercury and other chemicals were unleashed into the crystal green waters, turning the river bright orange.

The ramifications are unknown. The polluted water has flowed from Colorado into Utah and New Mexico, affecting the water supply of the Navajo Indian tribe and many nearby residents, poisoning river banks and soil, and flowing out into the ocean.

Accidents happen, and even the EPA is subject to human error. But if a private company had caused such an environmental catastrophe, the government would be hammering it.

It took EPA administrator Gina McCarthy almost a week to apologize for the mine spill, and the agency has consistently downplayed the environmental damage it caused.

“I suspect the EPA might have a better understanding — particularly after they get the price tag on the remediation of this area — of how they treat the private sector in these moments,” said Colorado State Sen. Ellen Roberts, who represents Silverton, Col., where the mine spill occurred. “It might be a teachable moment for them.”

More broadly, the spill illustrates how the EPA does business.

It holds a holier than thou standard, castigating companies whose actions might harm the environment, but takes little accountability for its own actions that hurt businesses and communities, or that do explicit damage to the environment.


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