Environmentalists trash environment at meeting to discuss protecting the environment

July 23, 2016

The aftermath of Sally Jewell’s visit to the Bears Ears

The aftermath of Sally Jewell’s visit to the Bears Ears

Documented and published by The Petroglyph

On July 15th, Interior Department Secretary Sally Jewell met with several environmentalist groups, as well as an environmentalist faction of Native American leaders in southeastern Utah. The meeting took place near the “Bears Ears” formation, twin mesas jutting up over the Utah landscape, to discuss a potential federal land grab of 2 million acres, purportedly to “protect” the environment and cultural artifacts in the area.

KSL reported the Sally Jewell visis in a July 15th story:

“BEARS EARS, San Juan County — Interior Secretary Sally Jewell stood in a circle surrounded by leaders of five Native American tribes, medicine men and women, their children and families and spoke of the importance of the land.
She knelt down to touch a handful of dirt and said, like them, she is in the “forever business” of preserving heritage, traditions and landscapes for generations yet to come.
“Everybody recognizes this area is special,” said Jewell, in the middle of the Bears Ears meadows Friday. “There is nobody that I talk to that doesn’t want to see these areas protected for us, but also for their children and grandchildren.”
The encampment at the Bears Ears was quit large and the media put out a lot of pictures of the event.

GroupShot-Tim_Peterson (1)
Group Shot by Tim Peterson

Although media lauded the efforts of Jewell and the environmentalists with whom she met, the destruction to the environment which resulted from the gathering has been completely ignored by media, with the exception of  The Petroglyph.

Please bear in mind that if an ordinary group of campers or hunters had created the kind of environmental disruption documented below, they could be prosecuted by the federal government, heavily fined, or both.

On Wednesday 20, 2016, just five days following the Jewell meeting, the site of the gathering showed a lot of damage from vehicles driving off road to set up or take down the camp. The ground was muddy at the time so the vehicles left ruts around the grass covered high country meadow. Fire pits were left visible as if there was no thought to leave no trace camping. At one camp melted aluminum cans were left in the dugout fire pit.

Fire Pit and Cans
Fire Pit and Cans

There was a row of ten port a potties still on the site.

There was not a lot of trash left behind besides a few cigarette butts, one or two bottle caps and a couple wrappers the main damage was caused by the vehicles driving off the road and the participants not practicing “Leave No Trace” when it came to campsites and fires.
With the Bears Ears site being left in such a poor condition by those who claim this area to be sacred and in need of federal protection its hard not to wonder if it wouldn’t be enough to just prevent these people as well as Sally Jewell from visiting the Bears Ears in the future?

Fire pit inside Tee pee ring

Vehicle was stuck in the mud

Tire ruts from cross country driving

Ruts 3
Damaged meadow area

Tire ruts

Ruts in meadow

Fire pit and wood
Campsite that was left

Fire Pit and Cans
Fire Pit and Cans

Fire pit covered with stuff

Cut limbs
Cut limbs

2 fire pits
2 fire pits

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  1. Judy

    The earth can heal of occasional cosmetic damage, but construction for buildings and the like for daily living it can not for a very long time.

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