Elections 2012: Why Didn’t God Intervene?

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March 12, 2013

God has given us the gift of an intolerable moment where the rope of our patient civility has come to its end. God did not lend us His intervention in November of 2012, but through the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, He gave us the right to Revolution.


Sometimes God intervenes in the affairs of men, and sometimes He doesn’t.

On November 6, 2012 the United States of America chose its destiny, and this time God did not intervene. He allowed the machinations of an electorate given over to vice, weakness, and godlessness to do its grim work. And there has been hell to pay.

A lot of good people, including myself, had great hopes for a Mitt Romney presidency. Many Americans dreamed that Mitt would be the president. We believed–and the polls, rallies, and enthusiasm-gap supported our belief–that America would enjoy a new era of bright prosperity and strong leadership. The majority of voters could have chosen that happy destiny, but they declined in favor of white guilt, empty promises, and a pathological worship of big government.

From the national perspective, the questions naturally follow; Why didn’t God intervene in the election? Why did the airplane carrying ballots to the Military in Afghanistan crash? Why did the superstorm, Sandy, hit when it did? Why did Chris Christie prop up Obama in a critical moment of the election? Why hasn’t the Republican Party challenged the suppressed Military vote and the epidemic of voter fraud? Why, when all signs pointed to a Romney/Ryan win–the crowds, the grassroots work, the voter enthusiasm, the Independent vote, the 3 years of networking, education, and political training, the fasting and prayers and tears–did our side lose the presidency to a proven failure, and the Senate to a bunch of do-nothing leftist finger pointers?

The answer is simple. God will not interfere in the moral agency of His children, even when they use that agency to self-immolate. God does not always save His children from the consequences of their poor use of liberty. Humans suffer as a result of their choices.  God does not arbitrarily extinguish civilizations. Nations fall under the weight of their own corruption.

Mitt Romney, regardless detractors’ wails of ‘moderate’ and ‘establishment,’ was a great candidate, and a decent man of the highest moral character. Obama is well known to be a narcissistic, craven, angry, Marxist thug with Islamic sentiments. The contrast between Romney and Obama could not have been more stark. The voters, nevertheless, exercised their freedom and opted for failure and continuing, exacerbated misery.

The majority of those living in America–albeit a small majority of about 3% (many illegally)–willfully voted for a man who regards citizens as subjects, and himself as a ruler instead of a servant of the people. They voted for a radical Progressive who has disdain for the Constitution of the United States and the political structure and processes detailed in its articles. They inured themselves to the contempt Obama and his operatives  have  for America’s Judeo-Christian heritage. They cast their ballots for the anti-American candidate; the guy who works to diminish the nation economically and morally so that it will be equal to the developing countries of the third world. And despite the oceans of evidence that Obama hates the Military and wants to sabotage its effectiveness and standing in the world, he won election to a 2nd term.

Too many good, hard-working Americans stayed home–a grievous sin of omission–and so, a plurality of voters choose evil over good.  Those who thrive on redistributed wealth went to the polls with short-sighted, greedy motives. Romney’s proverbial 47%, the  portion of Americans who depend on government being big and accountability being small, voted, while many of the Americans who pay the bills for that same 47% failed to make their opinions count. Through disgust or defeatism, the non-voters launched the Destroyer-in-Chief into another term.

It is now mid-March 2013, and Democrats are attempting to torch the 2nd Amendment. The president still hasn’t proposed a budget, and the Senate has done nothing other than confirm a few unfit, treasonous,  anti-American, and anti-Capitalist politicos to Obama’s cabinet. Things are ugly. Colorado is in a political meltdown over Liberal Democrats’ passage of extreme, punitive, and unconstitutional gun control bills. Ugly is the only way to describe it. And this kind of ugly is engendering a tsunami of anger among Americans of all stripes, including many traditional Democrats.

Although God may not have intervened to correct the direction of the republic in November, our current situation begs the question, ‘does He have a role in the events of this critical time?’ Think of it this way, God has not intervened, He has allowed our national proclivities to come to fruition. Perhaps Americans are learning through pain–the ‘school of hard knocks’–the price of their immorality, indifference, slavish obedience to a corrupt political class and a perverse pop-culture. Perhaps God would prefer us to do all we can to save ourselves and climb out of the pit of national failure, than for Him to save us in our sins.

Though we are not all guilty of the transgressions of social immorality, fiscal irresponsibility, historical revisionism, and philosophical ignorance, we will all, nevertheless, benefit from repentance, supplication, and asking God to cast us a buoy before the ship of the United States goes down.

The question, ‘why didn’t God intervene?’ has lapped my brain more times that I can count since November 6, 2012. But the answer may lie in the severity of the crisis in which we now find ourselves. Americans are historically tolerant and adaptable to a fault, but the powers that now oppress us have become intolerant and we are finally refusing to chip away at any more of our rights and liberties to comply to the dictators’ demands for compliance. God has given us the gift of an intolerable moment where the rope of our patient civility has come to its end. God did not lend us His intervention, but through the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, He gave us the right to Revolution.

by Marjorie Haun 3/12/13

  1. Bob NElson

    God did not intervene because he is testing this Country. He is throwing the worst at us like he did with the Jews to test and make strong our faith. If we still trust and believe in God after throwing all this garbage at us, then God knows in his heart that we are a faithful nation. God knows our limits and he is testing those limits. When Obama is gone he will have destroyed this Country more than anyone could imagine, then this entire Country will turn to God for help. That is when God will step in. When we see how bad it gets when the Country is truly Godless with Liberals.

    • Thank you for you wise comment. I concur. It has been a time of personal reassessment for me and I’ve tried to prioritize the sacred and eliminate the profane from my life.

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