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December 3, 2012

The people who now control the Executive Branch, Judiciary and Senate have evolved past the pesky constraints of conscience and feeling, and the burdensome sensibilities of guilt and remorse.

Actual voting location in Philadelphia, PA.


The stolen election of 2012 has served the Progressives, who now control the government, well. Its effects are manifold.

Effect 1: The stolen election put into power people who have no honor, who will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to hold on to power.  This is the “ends-justify-the-means” crowd, who were spoon-fed Marxism by Liberal elites, and Communist punk professors and pundits for decades. These are the brain children of Noam Chomsky and Saul Alinsky. These are ambitious politicians who see themselves as rulers of the people, ruling for the good of the people, because the people, in their religiosity and ignorance, fail to understand what is good for them.  These are evil people to whom personal liberty is an obstruction to their Utopian dream of uniformity and equality in all things. These are the autocrats who regard human life as a thing to be manipulated and discarded if the efforts to maintain it outweigh its productivity.

The people who now control the Executive Branch, Judiciary and Senate have evolved past the pesky constraints of conscience and feeling, and the burdensome sensibilities of guilt and remorse. As it stands now, our federal government has been taken over by a permanent ruling political class. An “Obama third-term” is aiming low for these Anti-constitutional Progressives. Their power transcends terms and time. Their electoral/political machine exported from Chicago is so firmly in place in Washington, and polling precincts throughout the former “swing” states, that if it stays in place, Republicans will never again win a presidential race. Rigged machines, discarded ballots, suppressed Military voting, and intentional miscounting by Democrat operatives are what won Obama his second term. The Progressive election machine will forevermore determine who wins presidential elections unless a truly seismic political event–revolution–of some form, does not occur within the next three years.

Effect 2: Election 2012 has served to dishearten patriots and Conservatives across the country. The utter astonishment experienced by those of us who worked the ground game for Mitt Romney, as we watched the swing states being ripped perversely away from the voice of the people via vote fraud, is still with us. The compounded trauma of watching our Republican Party leadership roll over like Michael Vick’s dogs after a losing round of dog fighting still stings. We feel wiped out and betrayed. The Conservatives in America, the patriots, military veterans, Christians, Jews and all other Americans who value human liberty and regard God and the Law of the Land, not politicians, as their rulers, are simply heartbroken over what has become of our beloved nation. The operatives who stole the election, and those in the Executive Branch and states who facilitated them, must be delighted to look out upon the mournful lot of us.

Effect 3: The country is more divided than it has been since the Civil War on issues of freedom and the role of government. One may think that with victory in its pocket the Left would be celebratory, euphoric, relaxed–at least for a while. The opposite is true on both the national and personal levels. I’ve observed increased rancor among my Liberal friends, not just gloating arrogance, but viciousness and heightened suspicion.  I’ve abandoned, unfriended, and blocked Liberals whom I formerly regarded as friends. The vile attacks on me and my beliefs that have followed their election night win are incomprehensible to me. There is a tension at work that did not exist before, even during Obama’s failed first term. The Left has become more determined than ever that dominating the workings of government is not sufficient, and that silencing dissent must also occur if  their progressive Utopian plans are to succeed. As a conservative voice, I have all but ceased trying to reason with the unreasonable Left. I no longer try to teach the unteachable whose worldview has been perverted by Socialist/Marxist notions of redistribution of wealth. I will not spend an iota of energy confronting any person who insists that my faith in God is a mere delusion brought on by a sick mind. I, like many other Conservatives and religious and patriotic Americans, will voluntarily place a division between myself and the enemies of human liberty.

Effect 4: The final effect of the stolen election, 2012, may well turn out to be a form of salvation for Americanism and the Constitution of the United States. That effect is the change of focus that many Conservatives are experiencing from national politics to local politics and those engagements which have the most immediate impact on our lives. I detailed in “Bring Politics Home,”  that as the federal government and some state governments spin out of our control, those governments nearest the individual are still very much influenced by our grassroots efforts. The concentric circles of proper government begin with the self, and grow outward to encompass the family, the church, the neighborhood, the community or town, and finally the county. These circles of government lie between individual Americans and the dysfunctional and dangerous Federal Government. The State of Colorado, for instance, was also impacted by voter fraud, and its legislative bodies are a moral shambles. Colorado got recreational marijuana encoded into law, and with an openly gay Speaker of the House, an amendment to legalize gay marriage is knocking at its door.

My point is that despite the fact that the Constitution hangs in tatters in Washington D.C., and the cancer of immorality and lawlessness is spreading to some states, there can remain populations in counties and townships which uphold the principles of the Founding Documents. We may not be a united America, but those who love America can be united by the idea that the primary role of government is to protect the life and liberty of the individual citizen.

Nevertheless, Colorado’s cultural metamorphosis into a hedonistic anti-God, anti-family free-for-all, is depressing. Those of us who study history and scripture–and the history in the Scriptures–are aware of what happens when civilizations reject God and embrace perversions of the roles and responsibilities that come as a condition of the the Heavenly gift of life. The voices of the guardsmen on the watchtowers have grown hoarse shouting out warnings for years, and decades in some cases.  Ignorance, godlessness, mental and physical addictions to drugs, hyper-sexual entertainment, the rejection of marriage and children, and a thirst for power over the behavior of other humans, have overtaken many on the Left–and more than a few on the Right.

The effect of a focus diverted from national to local politics helps us to take better control of our own lives. As we become more involved in local civic activities, whether political or community-oriented, the checks and balances of our close relationships, and with those who look to us as leaders, have greater power to change us for the better.

Can we survive the frontal assault on our Constitution and our personal liberties? Yes. Will America ever be restored to the America we loved and remembered from the height of her prosperity and international predominance during the Reagan Era? No. Can patriots and faithful followers of God coexist peacefully with liars, cheaters, and the fascists on the Left? Probably not. But the great weakness of the Progressive Left–their godlessness, that which makes dissent of thought intolerable to them, cannot sustain their domination for long.

The election of 2012 was stolen. We Conservatives and patriots are disheartened and terribly disappointed in our leaders. But as we improve our lives and focus on the concentric circles of governance closest to us, we can be quick to remember that our Divine Leader, the being who has trained us up to see our nation through its present crisis, is with us, and His armies will fight the fight for human freedom by our sides.  The Progressives who have lied, cheated, and stolen their way into power don’t even believe that our secret weapon exists.

by Marjorie Haun 12/3/12

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