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September 25, 2012

Like rubberneckers on the freeway or theatergoers enduring The Phantom of the Opera, we continue to gaze at and contemplate the media, knowing that what we’re looking at is incomprehensible and appalling, yet unable to avert our gaze.

It’s a slam to streams, mains, and mainstreams to associate the American media with the names of those honorable water conduits. I also think that it’s an inaccurate rendition of the status of the not-so-free press in the United States. Our press is fallen, bleeding out, kaput, muerto, defunct. And yet, like rubberneckers on the freeway or theatergoers enduring The Phantom of the Opera, we continue to gaze at and contemplate the media, knowing that what we’re looking at is incomprehensible and appalling, yet unable to avert our gaze.

My presence as an activist emerged in 1988 Southern California. I volunteered at a pregnancy counseling center, offering advice and options to women distressed by unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. It was a pro-life organization, funded completely through charitable contributions, and we often held rallies for life and sponsored educational events and speaking tours. Some of our events attracted thousands of polite, clean, friendly, very religious, very patriotic people. But invariably the newspapers and television stations out of Los Angeles reported us as being raucous, angry, belligerent, and few in number. I remember one rally in Van Nuys that brought about 1500 people together to hear medical and psychiatric professionals speak about the physical and psychological impacts of abortion on women.  Loitering on the fringes of our group were about 5 protesters from the infernal regions of West Hollywood; a woman in dominatrix garb, two cross-dressing men, and a couple of generic weirdos with signs screaming profundities such as “Keep your laws off my body!” However, the rally itself received no press coverage other than a short, derisive, paragraph in the L.A. Times. The gaggle of freaks got pictures, interviews, and fawning coverage in all the major press outlets. That was the day I filed for divorce from the mainstream media. After all, who wants to be lied to every time they unfold a newspaper or click on the TV?

Media bias goes way back. Brett Bozell of the Media Research Center has been quantifying media bias since 1987.  Those of us that remember the media portrayals of the Vietnam War know that Walter Cronkite didn’t really tell us the way it was. And favoritism toward Democrats and leftists goes back to the 1930s. But bias is the press’s self-inflicted wound. For twenty years it has languished in the land of lies and in 2008 became drunk with the power of its own fabrications. The press has yet to emerge from that delusional stupor.

The Obama media openly colludes against politicians of which they don’t approve. Only days ago an open mic caught reporters planning their questions in an attempt to “catch” Mitt Romney at a presser he held in response to the uprisings in Egypt and Libya. Reporters have turned a blind eye to the incompetence, ideological extremism, lies and failures of virtually every liberal Democrat politician who has required their complicity.

Any observant individual with a brain who cares about the truth–all 4% of us–knows this about the media. The funny thing is that although the troglodytes at the Colombia School of Journalism and other hotbeds of leftist indoctrination think it’s hip and daring to become a “journalist,” that simply isn’t so. The American press is a corporate, crony, corrupt, institutional bully that does not allow dissent from a very narrow, frankly boring ideological track. It’s ironic that the Occupy Movement is such a darling of the Obama media.  But when you remember that Occupy really isn’t anti-corporate it’s anti-Capitalist, and when you remember that the media is not about the news, it’s about spreading anti-Capitalist propaganda, this creepy menage suddenly makes sense.

In reality, it’s hip to be Breitbart. The free-lancers of the new media have no corporate interests to which they must comply. There is no template into which they have to fit their reporting. There is no censorship of their remarks. Journalists in the new media, most of them unpaid, are just as ideologically driven as the Progressives in the MSM, but their ideology is based on old-fashioned things like truth, integrity, responsibility, and the “whole story.”  As Rush Limbaugh saved A.M. band radio, the new media is saving information.  For every “professional journalist” in the American press who colludes to attack the Right, cover for the Left, and assert a false narrative, there are two or three bloggers uncovering, exposing, and correcting their crony-fascist propaganda.

Americans, you have a new boyfriend waiting in the wings. You separated from the mainstream media years ago. He is a dysfunctional lout, a cheater never to be trusted, who sends flowers your way occasionally, but always, ALWAYS, lets you down. Time to serve that skunk with divorce papers. And as your counsel I am telling you to ignore him, don’t take his calls, don’t watch him on television, rip up his letters, and when he looks like he’s changing for you, run away. Let’s make this a quick, no-contest divorce. We want it to be final before November.

by Marjorie Haun  9/25/12


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