Democrats: Prosecuting their Own Racism

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 July 16, 2013

“Political Correctness is pretended virtue built by a conscience that has something to hide.


Sedition (speech or behavior directed against the peace of a state), in this instance, the call for blacks to rise up and overturn the justice system, is being fomented by the man whose middle name is Hussein, his ironically named “Department of Justice,” radical black agitators–(Jackson, Sharpton, New Black Panthers NBP)–Muslim organizations, the Democrat Party, and the vacuous mainstream media who is hoping for a little blood to run in the steaming streets for the summer news cycle.

George Zimmerman was found “not guilty” by a jury. The law was followed, the jurists were sober, and despite histrionics from the state prosecutors in Sanford, FL, the evidence exonerated Zimmerman who, in an honest assessment, should have never been brought to trial for his act of self-defense.

If it did anything at all, the Zimmerman trial exposed cultural, anti “cracker,” racism within the milieu of young T. Martin.

America is being pressed to split along racial lines, but it’s politicians and media taking a scalpel to our demographics, not we, the citizens. 2013 is not the 1950s. Though dying vestiges of racism linger in a few individuals and fringe groups–La Raza, NAACP, NBP, and a few laughable white separatist groups–Americans are way past the whole race thing. But the self-defense killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman has presented itself as a carrion feast to race hucksters, haters, politicians, and reports for whom there is no purpose in a world without racial tensions.


Instances of Democrat racism are everywhere. Liberal Democrats just can’t help themselves. Yet, hoping that the hedge of Political Correctness will protect them from the critical truth coming from their opposition, they find it cannot protect them from themselves. An egregious example of this surfaced recently during a city council meeting in Buena Vista, Michigan, when a Democrat city clerk, Gloria Platko, referred to a black city councilman as an “arrogant n***er.” This Democrat woman did not misspeak, nor did she lose her cool during a stressful exchange, she simple spoke her mind; the racist mind of a Liberal.

Dr. Ben Carson has endured the slings and arrows of Liberal Democrat racism following his no-nonsense speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. It doesn’t matter to racist Democrats that Ben Carson has reached the top of his field through hard work, saved and restored hundreds of lives with his “gifted hands” as a neurosurgeon, and is a sound, loving husband and father. He is hated by those on the Left simply because he doesn’t join them on their monochrome plantation where diversity of thought is punished with unspeakable derision.

Black Conservatives have come to expect the tsunami of racist hate from the Left when they speak out for truth, justice, and the American way. And the predictably venomous attacks on black Conservatives, no matter the topic, no matter the efficacy of their positions, is commonplace in modern political debate. Remember the experiences of Tea Party Conservative, Herman Cain during his 2011-2012 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination?

Ku Klux Klan (KKK) meeting, South Carolina, 1951. © Heirs of W. Eugene Smith

The “high-tech lynchings” of great black Conservatives like Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, et al, arise from a mode of thought that has something very shameful to hide. Liberals and Progressives are racists because they are naturally superficial. Race is the first, and often the only, impression that stays with the liberal mind. White Liberals invented racist identity politics. If you have the appearance of a minority who supposedly suffers from discrimination–so they presume–you must need help succeeding in life. Helplessness, low drive and intelligence, an inability to counter adversity; the soft racism of low expectations, come from the Left. If you are white or of Asian descent, Liberals ascribe qualities to you such as greed, unfair intellectual advantage, rich heritage, and all other stereotypes that purportedly may give you an advantage over the less-able people from the deeper color categories. THIS IS THE WAY LIBERALS THINK!

Liberal Democrats in America feel justified in slandering black Conservatives in the most malignant terms.  But with honorable and forceful individuals like Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Thomas Sowell, Mia Love, Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice,  Allen West, Niger Innis, and literally thousands of other courageous black Conservatives, daily defying racial stereotypes, the truth of Democrat racism is being revealed.

Liberals literally cannot imagine that Republicans would not be racists, because Liberals themselves know of no other way to think.

There’s a lot of conjecture about the thinking behind liberal politics.  In my attempts to dissect libthink, I’ve often referred to Erickson’s Stages of Psycho-social Development. I’ve come to the conclusion that Liberals are often emotionally stuck in one or more of the early developmental stages where children are so self-conscious, or insecure, that everything outside of their little bubble feels like a threat. To the undeveloped emotional mind, things that are different are dangerous, and anything that disturbs one’s narrow and fragile world view must come under attack. The undeveloped liberal mind thinks, “if you say something different that what I believe to be true, you are attacking me and pose a grave threat, therefore I must attack you and neutralize your threat.” And so Liberals set out to destroy black Conservatives the same way children lash out; with name calling, bullying, and slander. Liberal Democrat racism also takes the form of fawning paternalism towards those who “appear” disadvantaged–unless of course, the “disadvantaged” person opposes them politically.

Clarence Thomas summed it up nicely in a recent CSPAN interview when he said, “Obama is approved of by the elites because he says what they expect from a black person.” White Liberal Democrats expect people of different races to act within a stereotypical framework. They balk at those who act and think outside of those expectations–and for those who go so far to actually oppose the illogical and unworkable policies of the Left, they attack. Paternalistic racism and attack racism come from the same mode of thought. How you are treated depends on whether or not you “know your place” in Democrat politics. Racism has always been, and will always be the brainchild of Liberal Democrats. The Democrat party may never be emancipated from its racist presumptions.

By Marjorie Haun 7/16/13

  1. anchorman

    You’ve nailed it, square in the mouths that roared! Like lemmings being led over the cliff, liberals display their glibido attitude of their ignoranus pino bozone.

  2. You have nailed it again, Marjorie, well-done. Barack Hussein Obama’s agenda includes the civil unrest necessary to declare martial law that has the ability to propel him into a president-for-life scenario. What better segment of society to aid his quest than that represented by the ignorance and stupidity of the ghetto negro.

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