Democrats’ Illogical, Hypocritical Position on Crimes Against the Unborn

July 16, 2015

Welcome to Radical Colorado, where marijuana is legal and celebrated as a civil right, and homosexuals can “marry” one another, but unborn babies killed in the commission of a crime are not recognized as persons.

Most Coloradans were horrified on March 18 of this year, by the news that a young woman from Longmont, Michelle Wilkins, who was seven months pregnant, became the victim of an attack in which she was stabbed, cut open, her baby then removed and stolen. Dynel Lane, the deranged perp who met Wilkins through a Craig’s List ad for baby clothes, took the pre-term baby girl out of Wilkins, and then transported her to Longmont United Hospital, where she was found to be dead, with no evidence that she was alive following the stabbing. Lane was arrested and after weeks of legal wrangling, the Boulder County District Attorney filed 8 counts against her, none of which were for homicide.

Colorado has no law which protects pregnant mothers from assaults which harm or kill their unborn babies. Frankly, the radicals who wield political clout in the state have prevented any and all efforts to give unborn victims of crime any recognition at all. Following the repugnant attack on Michelle Wilkins and her baby daughter, Aurora, Republicans in the Colorado State Senate undertook to craft a bill that would offer protection to unborn crime victims without threatening so-called “abortion rights.” SB15-268, “Aurora’s Law,” deals specifically with the criminal code and defines an unborn crime victim as a “person” only insofar as it is applicable in criminal charges in the case of a homicide.  Thirty-eight other states have laws prosecuting fetal homicide, twenty-nine of which protect the unborn at all stages of gestation.

Aurora’s Law specifically indicates that legal abortions, as constitutionally defined, are not impacted by the bill, and despite the use of the word “person” for prosecutorial purposes, it does not establish blanket “personhood” for unborn babies in Colorado. Nevertheless, Democrats in the State Legislature and their surrogates; ACLU, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, etc., have been hyperventilating in attempts to discredit Aurora’s Law as an assault on women and their “reproductive rights.” They seem to ignore the fact that in abortion, women choose to end the lives of their, and under current law, there is no crime–except, of course, the moral crime of taking an innocent life. But in cases of crimes committed against unborn children, there are ALWAYS two victims, the mother AND the baby.

One witness representing the ACLU testifying in opposition to Aurora’s Law set forth the scenario that, (paraphrased) “If a woman who is beaten by her husband loses the baby due to violent trauma, this bill could prosecute the woman for staying with the husband and not protecting the baby from him.” This witness, and others like her, seem to forget that in such a scenario, THE WOMAN IS ALSO A VICTIM, and existing laws, in concert with Aurora’s Law, would hold the abusive husband accountable for the beating of the wife and the death of the baby.

The Democrats have chosen to couch their arguments against Aurora’s Law in such a way that it seems they’re saying fetal homicide and abortion are the one and the same. They are essentially arguing that there should no law punishing crimes against unborn children because such a law would threaten abortion rights. Do Democrats realize that in doing so, they are also admitting that abortion IS the equivalent of fetal homicide?

There is a breathtaking gap in the logic of those who oppose Aurora’s Law who also say they are for “women’s rights.” The truth is that Aurora’s Law is a protection for women, because no unborn child can be harmed without its mother being harmed first. You cannot separate the life of a pregnant mom from the life of her yet-to-be-born child. Ironically, abortion-rights progressives have always agreed with this premise.

Sadly, this generation of Colorado Democrats has been radicalized, and they always circle the progressive wagons around their most holy icon of abortion, giving nary a thought to how their obstruction of a good law, such as Aurora’s Law, ultimately harms women, and little girls, and little boys.

by Marjorie Haun  7/16/15


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