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Democrat Cooties

January 25, 2011



“A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell its numbers.” – Ronald Reagan, CPAC address, 1975

Obama and the Democrats have, of late, been scrambling to devise some kind of incapacitation strategy in which to mire the Republicans.  These guys never give up, and, in their minds, they still own the House of Representatives as well as the hearts of the American People. The people screwed up in November, hapless fools that they are, and elected the wrong people to office. So the entrenched and pathologically power-hungry progressives feel the need to ensure that the will of the hapless fools out in the hinterlands is thwarted. We witnessed the pathetic attempts of the last two weeks by Liberals to blame the shootings by a nutcase in Tucson on Sarah Palin, The Tea Party, Conservative talk-show celebrities, and all right-leaning Americans.

Their tantrums were largely fruitless and revealed, not the evil and violent tendencies of the American Right, but their own vapid and desperately dishonest political machinations.  Well, they’ve moved on, dragging with them the vestiges of the “civility” argument.  You see, the attacks in Tucson were supposedly the cumulative result of hundreds of harsh words spoken by Conservatives ever since Sarah Palin coined the term “death panels.”  But the wretched American public rejected that spin so the Liberals had to gyrate a little differently.  

Now, according to Obama and his sycophants, “civility” is needed to restore peace in the streets and the echelons of proper government.  If those crazy Conservatives speak even one harsh word of criticism or opposition, then they are “uncivil”, and thereby “inflammatory, hateful,” and responsible for every act of violence since Cain brained Abel with a gourd. With the much anticipated (insert irony here) SOTU address just around the corner, Obama came up with the ingenious idea that “civility” requires Republicans and Democrats to symbolically intermingle in the pews of the House Chamber; kind of a boy, girl, boy, girl arrangement.  I’m sure it pains the planners that the pattern would have to be more of a Dem, Rep, Rep, Dem, situation, since we skunked the big D in November.

The whole thing is silly, nothing more than showmanship and hypocritical grandstanding by Obama and the Left.  The progressive Liberals who still hold their political seats know that they are an endangered species.  They know the American people reject their socialist leanings.  And they know the American people are serious about restoring the government to its Constitutional boundaries. Thus they’ve created an issue from a non-issue.  They have concocted new playground rules to correct the mythological “harsh rhetoric” from the Right.  Those new rules, however, are the duplicitous effort to disable the Conservative juggernaut with the tacit accusation of “incivility,” should anyone on the left suffer the smallest offense or discomfort in the wake of debate. In plain terms, I think the silly seating situation is Obama’s effort to dilute the presence of the Conservative spirit in Congress.  It is like the old “house united we stand, divided we fall” object lesson, in which one, lone stick breaks easily, but a bundle of many sticks becomes unbreakable.  The entire Conservative resurgence is like that.  A majority of Americans stand bundled together with The Constitution.  Together we are an unbreakable coalition.  It is only through dilution, isolation, and cynical seating arrangements that we can be weakened, our resolve diminished.

The American people want Conservatives to stand, and sit together.  The aisles in the House chamber are an important symbol of the very real divisions in this country.  We don’t want to negotiate with those who would bring our economy to its knees with more socialistic spending and taxation.   We whole-heartedly oppose the President and his sideways attacks on freedom through onerous government regulation.  We don’t want to play footsie with politicians who bow to dictators, praise communist butchers, and appease terrorist regimes.  The American people don’t want their Patriotic fervor diffused by the compromise of the ideals of Life, Liberty, Property and the pursuit of Happiness.  We don’t  want to mingle with an uncivil adversary in the name of civility.  

Never forget that the progressive, liberal Democrats of 2011 comprise the party of; lies and false accusations,abortion, gay marriage, open borders, amnesty for illegals, powerful public-sector unions, taxation and spending, government/corporate cronyism, and “blood libel.”  I don’t want to be pinned in between a couple of these guys, do you? I think the Republicans in the House and Senate ought to play along with the whole classroom seating arrangement proposition.  They should pretend they are back in grade school and the teacher, Mr. Obama, in order to squelch the urge to hobnob, is seating the class in a boy, girl, boy, girl layout.  And just as they did in grade school, when seated next to someone to whom they are normally averse, they stand and shout, “Ewww, don’t make me sit next to him, he’ll give me Democrat cooties!”  That is a fitting response to the superficially silly, and, in my opinion, sinister SOTU seating ploy.

Tom Coburn on the silly SOTU seating S.E. Cupp, Fake Bipartisanship

By Marjorie Haun  01/25/2011

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