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 August 10, 2011

The Interview:

Reporter at WJR: Why are you here?

Government-fostered helplessness finds its power.

Obama Voter: To get some money.

Reporter: What kind of money?

OV: Obama money.

Reporter: Where’s it coming from?

OV: Obama.

Reporter: Where did Obama get it?

OV: I don’t know, his stash, I don’t know, I don’t know where he got it from but he givin’ it to us. We love him, that’s why we voted for him (cackle) OBAMA, OBAMA!

Interview #2:

Reporter: Did you fill this out?

Obama Voter: I sure did, I filled it out and I’m waiting to see the results to see how much money I get.

Reporter: Will you know today how much money you’re getting?

OV: No, I’m waiting for a phone call.

R: Where’d it come from?

OV: I believe it came from the city of Detroit, or the state.

R: Where do they get it from?

OV: It was the funds that was given by Obama.

R:Where did Obama get the funds?

OV: Obama gettin’ the funds from… I have no idea, I don’t know, he’s the president.


Dependence upon the dispassionate machine of a nanny state is the most sinister form of bondage.  Unlike a prison of cell blocks and concertina wire, dependence does not punish transgression, it rewards it.  Perpetual dependence on government atrophies the human spirit as it has no opportunity to undergo the necessary stress required to develop into free and a self-determinant human being.

The riots that began in London and are now spreading throughout the UK are not specifically about race, or politics, they are about the dependent wanting more.  But in the United Kingdom those who receive state welfare have access to virtually every need, free of cost; health care, benefits for the unemployed, benefits and tax credits for the employed, education assistance, benefits for the sick and disabled, help with rent and housing, help with legal costs, and so forth.  There is virtually no aspect of personal responsibility that is not substituted for by the UK welfare state.  What more could a government give?  And yet the young pyromaniacs who are burning down centuries of history in England are not satisfied. They want something more. They demand this or that from government with the threat that failure to deliver means the once dominant power in the world ends ignominiously in a smoldering ash heap.  These rioters are self-destructing in the purported battle for more.  But the voids they wish to fill are of hollowed-out and dying spirituality.  The fires in London and elsewhere are literally the fires of a manifest human Hell.

When the citizen devolves to recipient he becomes an extension of the government, even a minion, having lost the ability to maintain self-will and the capacity to choose and act for himself.  When this occurs the power of the governed to reign-in the government is neutralized because the survival of a the dependent depends on the robust growth of the government. And this is where everything falls apart.

Thomas Jefferson said:

“In every government on earth is some trace of human weakness, some germ of corruption and degeneracy, which cunning will discover, and wickedness insensibly open, cultivate and improve. Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves therefore are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe, their minds must be improved to a certain degree…The influence over government their mass participates of the ultimate authority, the government will be safe.”

And this is where we have stumbled into great national danger. When “the people themselves” of whom Jefferson speaks, become an organ of the corrupt and degenerate government, their power to keep in check the dictatorial impulses of a burgeoning state is nullified.  Every nation in which the dependency classes overwhelm those citizens who produce and energize the economy will fall into chaos and, necessarily, tyranny.

What appear to be racially-based attacks are breaking out in large cities in America.  It takes some digging to find these stories because they apparently defy the reporting template of the main stream media.  But it is an unsettling reality.  White fair-goers were attacked by mobs of black teenagers outside the Wisconsin State Fair.  “Flash mobs” of black teens attack and loot business districts in Philadelphia. A savage black on white attack left a teenager clinging to life in South Carolina. A mob of black teenagers attacked patrons and looted at a Walgreens in Chicago. “Kill All the Whites” day was the name given by organizers of a series of black mob attacks in Peoria.  There are more stories, smaller in scope. But what is happening in our country?

“With, without,
and who’ll deny that’s what the fighting’s all about.”

–Pink Floyd: “Us and Them”

The socialization of a Republic requires the dismantling of quality education and the demagoguery of an ill-educated electorate.  The Democrat party has succeeded in an effort that has taken mere decades to dumb-down a generation.  They are dependent upon the government because they are encouraged to be so.  They are the clueless-as exemplified in the above conversations-who are ignorant about basic economic principles and the role of government.  They know only appetite, and the supplier of their constant need, which is the solicitous and insidious state.  When the state fails to supply that need, all Hell breaks out.  And it’s not that the UK nor America has, of yet, failed to care for their dependent poor.  It is merely the potential that the gravy train could, at a future time, lose a few cars.

Demagogues on the Left are surely responsible for inciting the preemptive riots and racial attacks that are part of a larger plan to destroy the Constitutional Republic and take down the producers in the country, the mythological “rich,”-those “with” as opposed to “without.”

I called my son in Denver yesterday who has been looking for a less expensive apartment.  I urged himself to be on guard, that if he were in the wrong part of town at the wrong time he could be a target because of the color of his skin.  What a sad reality, that one race has to fear another, and take precautions when mixing in certain neighborhoods or certain metropolitan cities.  Our society is succumbing to an ethos of segregation because those who purport to believe that government can force an equal outcome on its citizens, actually destroys opportunities for those citizens to prove themselves, independent of the state, to be exceptional and worthy of all the blessings of freedom.  And in response to perceived and real, government fostered, helplessness, they seek for power and control in outbursts of inhuman violence.

I worry for those who have nothing but the government for their succor.  The government will surely let them down.  The socialist state is incompatible with the American instinct for liberty. The expanding socialist state ALWAYS ends badly.

by Marjorie Haun  8/10/2011 @ School - Educational Tools for Parents, Teachers, and Librarians. Explore Now!



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