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November 19, 2011

Nuts, he was nuts! This was simply a crazy person doing crazy things!  

Whenever the Left is pulled out of their intellectual alleys to explain the actions of one their own who has committed an outrageous crime, “crazy” is the default rationale. Like a spastic knee jerk, they always kick and flail in the direction of lunacy.  The Left has no choice. They lack logic so they affix their rationale to templates. There are basically two templates, or checklists, that the Left uses to explain themselves and their enemies.  They operate under the assumption that ideologies and characteristics are as inflexible and predictable as their worn-out rhetoric.

When their putative templates overlap, the Left is sent into a dither, scrambling for an explanation for their theoretical failure. And every time, their explanation is some version of the default “crazy” diagnosis. Convergence of the templates to the Left is like crossing the streams of plasma in “Ghost Busters.”  Their ethereal reality construct explodes! ANNIHILATION!

The most recent evidence of this use of the default “crazy” diagnosis by the left wing of the American media, is found in the ATTEMPTED PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION (that’s how the headlines should have read) by an Hispanic, likely illegal alien, Occupy D.C. 99 %er named Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, who fired shots at the White House with an assault rifle. He actually nailed the venerated Presidential home with two bullets.  Reports surfaced quickly that Ortega-Hernandez was “psychologically disturbed,” and that he suffers from delusions that he  is Jesus (Hay-soos) Christ.

So what? Does that make him less culpable of the attempted assassination of a sitting president? (Obama was out of town in the  Asian country of Hawaii at the time) After all, Barak Obama has himself been cocooned in descriptors such as by “godlike” and the “Messiah,” by his sycophants. Does that make himself any less responsible for the destruction of the country? Heck no! The truth is that an Hispanic, likely illegal criminal alien, Occupy D.C. protester, took up a knock-off AK 47, and in a planned operation, attempted to murder the POTUS. Case closed.

The left-wing pattern of hanging the “crazy” label on any violent person who is not a member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, is easy to establish when we go back just 2 months to early September, 2011 when Eduardo Sencion gunned down 12 people at a Carson City, Nevada IHOP, killing 5, including 3 National Guardsmen. Sencion also killed himself in the siege.  Almost immediately the media ate up the story from his family that he had “mental issues.”  There it is, the default “crazy” diagnosis. The press ignored the fact that, once inside the restaurant, he apparently targeted the National Guardsmen. Since the story crossed the templates, it was soon forgotten, with the lives lost in the attack, barely being mentioned.

The truth is that a young Hispanic man from Mexico took a legal, semi-automatic weapon, and killed 4 completely innocent people. Whether or not he was “crazy” is immaterial. The only thing the left-wing media concerns itself with is the template. It failed so, surely, Sencion must be “crazy.”

A little more than 2 years ago Nidal Malik Hassan, a Major in the United States Army and a psychiatrist, killed 13 people on the Army Base at Fort Hood in a text-book terrorist attack, complete with wails of “Allahu akbar!” as he shot his innocent victims to death. Hassan had been making statements for years that raised red flags about his loyalty to the United States and the Army. Many of his superiors suspected his terrorist sympathies. And despite the body of evidence that tied Hassan to terrorist elements  in the United States and abroad they ignored the red flags in favor of inaction based on the politically correct notion that Muslims should never be suspected in Islamic terrorist plots.

Once Nidal Malik Hassan accomplished his deadly task and left more than a dozen dead in Texas, the media instantly reported that he was insane, and that his act was not one of a terrorist, but of a “crazy” man. The truth is, a hate-filled Muslim man insinuated himself into the sensitive echelons of the U.S. Army, positioned himself as an authority, and when the opportunity arose, killed 13 Americans in a well-planned Islamic terrorist attack. The Fort Hood massacre did not fit the left-wing media template, so of course he had to be “crazy!” In a strange rant Louis Farrakhan even claimed that Hassan was simply “a good Muslim driven crazy.”

If you stretch your memories back some 18 years you will recall when Colin Ferguson, the shooter in the Long Island Railroad Massacre, opened fire on a commuter train and killed 6 people and wounded 13 others. His defenders and supporters claimed a version of the “crazy” diagnosis they called “Black Rage.” This was nothing more than a racist attempt to blame his murderous rampage on the fact that the color of his skin caused him to have a hard life. The “Black Rage” rationale was no less absurd than the default “crazy” diagnosis.  He wasn’t “crazy” but Ferguson was stupid enough to represent himself at trial. He was convicted. The truth is that Colin Ferguson was a Black man who carried a handgun and a buttload of ammunition onto a train on Long Island during rush hour, and murdered 6 people. That’s all.

The left-wing default “crazy” diagnoses, rationale, lame excuse, whatever you want to call it, fools no one. The templates don’t stand up to the complexities of reality. And now the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon presents the left-wing media with quite a novel spin challenge. Occupy Wall Street was supposed to fit their eco-friendly, peace-loving template, but that is the opposite of what the evidence shows. In the beginning days of the movement the media claimed that public lewdness, violence, and filth were the exception. “Oh, those people are exceptions,” they would say, “the whole of the movement is peaceful, just people wanting to be heard.” That exception is now the rule, and their rule of civility and eco-friendly encampments, is indeed a rare exception.

So the Left is left to scramble about with their default “crazy” explanations, and their “the rule is the exception and the exception is the rule,” rhetorical devices. Give it a break, I say, and just tell the truth. It’s easier to live with.

By Marjorie Haun  11/18/2011




  1. Yes, as if crazy somehow excuses the taking of innocent life. Of course, the minute a violent crime happens, the default setting is “TEA Party”, followed by “crazy.” 😉

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