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The child's modesty is a vital protection.

Modesty, that vital moral shield, is under attack.

We have all seen the bumper stickers, screaming at us, KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF MY BODY!, usually from the backs of Subarus or Volvos driven by cranky college girls, or fading, Old Feminists.  “Keep your laws off my body” was once the pro-abortion mantra recalling the invented “right to privacy” in Roe v. Wade, and the Old Feminist assertion that any woman who got pregnant at an inconvenient time or with an inconvenient baby had the right to kill the living being inside her body because, after all, the government had no place in telling an adult what they can or cannot do with their body.  As a result of the extraordinary social evolution since 911, “keep your laws off my body” may now become the battle cry of the weary travelers who fly the not-so-friendly skies.  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which is governed by the Homeland Security Administration (HSA) which is lead by Janet Napolitano (Big Sister) has created the fondle and grab-as-you go method for ensuring that no explosive-laden nuns or toddlers board an airplane.  The latest firestorm of controversy has come with the deluge of complaints from grope-averse fliers about the manhandling they have received at the rubber-gloved hands of many TSA friskers.  John Tyner last week made headlines when he warned a TSA security screener “if you touch my junk I’ll have you arrested” after the frisker described the “groin search” which he was about to perform on Mr. Tyner in graphic, phone sex-esque detail.   Pictures from advanced imaging technology scanners (butt-naked, no-clothes-barred, x-ray airport pictures)have made their way onto the Internet.   These are scans, front and back, which expose genitalia, flabby midriffs and all manner of deeply private embarrassments.  The public outcry against such personal infringements has become a seismic rumble in the ears of Big Sister.  But Napolitano is not moved.  She has dug in her heels and cares not a whit for the impassioned cries from grannies, Irish nuns and mewling, puking babes. The crotch probes, feel-ups and naked pictures will persist until the terrorist threat is no more because the Islamic Fundamentalists will have taken over the airline industry and thus wield live nukes instead of mere jet liners full of warm bodies.  The screams of “keep your laws off my body!” should come now from ordinary Americans who prefer to go by plane, but whose modesty and privacy are violated because an inept, politically correct, emasculated and Islamophobic governmental security bureau refuses to racially, or ideologically profile potential terrorists.  And yes, they are afraid of Islam, like the cowed weakling on the block who hands over his lunch money because the big bully threatens to tell on him for calling him a bully.  Keep your latex-TSA fingers off  our babies, preteen children, and little old people with metal body parts.  Use profiling instead of naked body pictures.  And cease the intentional and incremental violation of our physical liberty and rights to our bodies and our birthday suits.

But the perversity does not stop in the line at airport security.  Last week the Provincetown, Massachusetts school board decided that children as young as first graders need to know the technicalities of condom usage, and should have free access to such should the need arise between singing “The Itsy, Bitsy Spider” and morning snack time.  The unfathomable illogic behind this decision doesn’t even deserve a cursory pass from even a single of my neurons, but the insult to tender childhood, and the moral fallout that emanates from such a ploy is worth addressing.  Only in the progressive mind does a sugary beverage present a greater hazard than exposure to condoms and all of the implications they have for little children.  It is sick.  Do they make kiddie sized condoms?  If not, then upon whom does the Provincetown school system expect a first-grader to place a condom?  Answer me that, Sherlock!  Our children are trained, not be aware of the treasure that they are and of the gift of life that is given through healthy, marital procreation.  They are being taught that there are no boundaries, that their bodies are to be used at a whim, whether their own or that of another.  They are being groomed as prey to predators.  Hells Bells!  At least the FDA should keep condoms out of the hands of tykes on the basis that they are a choking hazard!  Keep your condoms off of my kids!  And by Heaven, don’t you ever teach a little child that placing a condom on a cucumber is essential learning for sexual education and awareness.

It is the intentional and systematic destruction of that vital moral shield, modesty.

Dr. Manny, the problem with giving condoms to children

TSA singles out those who complain


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  1. Rachael Haun, Marj's Greatest Achievement

    I agree on the whole TSA being crazy intrusive thing. It’s just silly. I take a risk whenever I get out of bed or on when I drive or when I walk down stairs. I’ll take the risk of someone on my plane having explosives tucked under his balls.
    More importantly, I like how you classify genitals as “deeply private embarassments.” I think I know where my body image issues come from! Hooray!
    By the way – if sexual freedom leads to the destruction of society, why are we still here? ‘Cause current stats have the population proportion of those having engaged in premarital sex at 96%
    (That means all your good buddies at work and in the tea party have probably – gasp – fornicated!) And if Adam and Eve felt uncomfortable naked in front of eachother – well, that’s just more evidence that the creation story is a myth. Cause if they felt ashamed in the nude, they didn’t do much creating.
    Lolzzz. You said ejaculate. And orgasms are simply not proper!

  2. I don’t think genitals are the “embarassments”, but having them exposed to the public is, or should be. It’s not that Adam and Eve felt uncomfortable naked in front of each other. The pressures they were subject to having been suddenly put into a survival situation made coverage necessary and desirable. Believe it or not, modesty does have adaptive advantages. I love you.

  3. Detra

    Interesting. I just wonder how much more freedom we will give up to secure our bodily safty. Old Ben said it best, “Those that give up freedom for security, will find that they have neither.”

  4. Detra

    Sad what Americans are willing to give up in the name of being safe…well, maybe I should say our own government will take away from us.
    Old Ben said it best “Those who give up freedom for security will end up with neither.”
    All I can say is I hope when I fly, I am groped by some stud and not some butch! lol

  5. Rachael Haun, Marj's Greatest Achievement

    Because once you start profiling, those who don’t fit the typical profile will be utilized. Duh.

    • Profiling is about the statistical probability that someone who fits certain characteristics within a “model”, based upon experential data, will exhibit the same or similar behaviors of those who have been proven in the past to fit the ideological profile. Profiling terrorists is the use of a “typical profile”. That is not to say that Muslim TSA agents can’t screen for terrorists. The vast majority of Muslims do not share the Islamofacist terrorist ideology.

  6. Rachael Haun, Marj's Greatest Achievement

    Did you even read what I said?
    I’ll repeat: because once you start profiling, those who don’t fit the typical profile will be utilized. Duh. Again.

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