Corporations conspire to drive out Native tribes to create playground for the rich

August 5, 2016


As published by The Petroglyph

Outdoor Industry’s Dawes Act for Utah Native Americans sacred lands

The modern day Dawes Act is the Bears Ears National Monument proposal and it is being supported by the outdoor industry leaders.  This proposal will have a similar affect as the 1887 Dawes Act has had on the native Americans since the 1800’s to present day.

“By the 1870s, prime agricultural land remained in the plains. Many American citizens believed the federal government should free this valuable land from nomadic Indian tribes for white settlers. Other whites approached the situation from a paternalistic perspective and insisted Indians should be assimilated into American society. Named after Senator Henry Dawes of Massachusetts, the Federal Government responded with the Dawes Act in February of 1887. The act freed land for white settlers while attempting to incorporate Indians into an American way of life.”

Just like the Dawes Act the Bears Ears National Monument proposal will take the traditional use of the land away from local native Americans and in return it will create a outdoor (industry) playground for the worlds consumers.

“After the government divided the land for the Indians, the whites could then claim any of the remaining land. For example, once the government allotted 172,000 acres for Indians on the Nez Perce reservation, whites then purchased 500,000 acres.”

Black Diamond CEO Peter Metcalf along with several other outdoor industry leaders held a press conference in Salt Lake City today asking for the Bears Ears National Monument proposal to be approved by President Obama despite major opposition to the proposal from Utah Navajo’s, UTE’s, and local citizens.

Last week during Senator Mike Lee’s hearing in Blanding, Utah it was very clear that Native Americans, locals, and none of the State and local elected officials that were present want the Bears Ears National Monument designated.   Senator Mike Lee made the following statement after today’s Outdoor Industries press conference.

It is clear that Peter Metcalf and the other outdoor leaders don’t care what the state of Utah wants or the local people in San Juan County.   All they appear to want is more outdoor playgrounds because that equals more business for their companies.  This monument has nothing to do with protecting the land just like the Dawes Act had nothing to do with assimilation it is all about making money.  The Dawes Act made it possible for the governments Indian agents to sale off land this proposal creates another playground and these outdoor industry leaders can promote and sale their products.

 “In May 2010, Black Diamond Equipment was acquired for $90 million by Clarus Corporation which owns Armor Holdings, Inc., a military defense contractor. The resulting corporation was renamed and is now publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the name Black Diamond, Inc. (BDE).[4][5]”  

 “In 2015, Black Diamond announced they would be expanding their Utah manufacturing facility.”

Black Diamond as well as the other outdoor leaders are in the business to make money and make their companies grow.  One way they can do this is by supporting this national monument. This monument will prohibit and limit the use of this land by native Americans in San Juan County and other local residents.  This designation like the 1887 Dawes Act will be the method they use to remove the native people and locals from this land.

It’s not about protection – it is about power and money just like the 1887 Dawes Act!

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