Colorado’s Radical Democrats and the Hammer of Shame

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March 11, 2013

LUKE 12:3 Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.


Democrats try to shame Republicans for things of which they are not guilty. Funny thing is, Democrats are guilty of all the things of which they accuse Republicans, and then some. Let’s take the “war on women,” for example.

During the spring and summer of 2012 Democrats inserted the wedge non-issue of contraception into political races as a distraction and as an opportunity to hammer the Right over the head should they so much as tense a hair follicle in opposition to free contraception for all women. If Conservatives contended that we all, men and women, dogs and cats, should pay for our own contraception–which is relatively cheap–the Left caterwauled “you hate women,” or, “the Republicans are waging a war against women’s rights!” Absurd as this was, the low-information voter bought it, because, after all, free contraception is a basic human need of the same magnitude as air and water.

Fast forward to March 2013, and ground zero for the debate surrounding gun control in Colorado. During the hearings on House Bill 1226, which repeals the law passed in 2012 that allows qualified individuals with concealed carry permits to take firearms onto the grounds of Colorado colleges and universities, several young female survivors of vicious rape attacks came before the State Senate committee to testify how guns would have helped them defend themselves against their attackers. Amanda Collins recounted the terrifying and ignominious attack during which she was brutalized and raped. Collins asserted that if she had been carrying the weapon for which she had a permit on that night, the attack would have been thwarted. She asked the question of the committee, “How does rendering me defenseless protect you from a violent crime?”  In a breathtakingly cold and rehearsed follow-up, Democrat State Senator Evie Hudak skewed the facts to assert, “…actually, statistics aren’t on your side, even if you had had a gun.”  Hudak went on to scold Amanda Collins in a humiliating criticism of her ability to defend herself in any manner, inferring that although Collins is practiced in martial arts, she was, nevertheless, raped, and since those skills did not save her from attack, a gun would have been of no help.

Think about this for a minute. A Democrat woman state senator rebukes a young survivor of a brutal crime by telling the young woman that she is simply too weak and too incompetent to protect herself. Evie Hudak saw Amanda Collins as nothing more than an inevitable statistic.

But Democrat State Senator Evie Hudak‘s despicable conduct did not go unnoticed by the conservative blogosphere. This Liberal Democrat broad, for days, was rightly vilified for conducting a real war on women, and trashing real female victims of savage crimes. The hammer of shame via Twitter‘s Twitchy Team, Facebook, and various blogs such as ColoradoPeakPolitics, forced Hudak to apologize for her “insensitive” remarks. But more importantly, the fury set off by her callous demeanor and vapid remarks have brought the national spotlight to disgusting actions of which Hudak is truly guilty.

Colorado is in a meltdown over gun control and the Left has abandoned all pretenses of civility and moderation. Another Colorado state Senator, Jeanne Nicholson, was caught on video last week treating an audience of citizens not as constituents but as subjects. A peaceful group of Coloradans from her district who gathered to ask her how she planned to vote on a number of gun control bills were treated with nauseating condescension by Senator Nicholson. Watch here how this arrogant Democrat woman attempts to shame the crowd into submission.

As a result of effective and almost instantaneous video blogging, this incident has been broadcast throughout Colorado to thousands of residents, and Senator Jeanne Nicholson has felt the hammer of shame as her disdainful and humorless character has been exposed in the bright sunlight of the conservative blogosphere.  Jeanne Nicholson’s and Evie Hudak‘s Facebook pages has become  forums of shame on which angry constituents are hammering their displeasure. Take a look-see, and add your own comments just for fun.

The President of the Colorado State Senate, John Morse, is a radical leftist of the Bloomberg ilk, with a dash of animating hysteria. Feeling the hammer of shame hovering overhead he killed his own Senate Bill 196, which holds manufacturers, retailers, and owners liable for damage done by “assault-style” rifles. But before Morse tabled his stupid bill he delivered a creepy diatribe on the senate floor about how gun owners are suffering from a form of “sickness,” and how they must be “cleansed.” Watch this revolting rant here, beginning at about the 12 hr, 36 minute mark, and please, add a comment! Senator Morse’s Twitter feed has also become a wall of shame with angry Coloradans challenging his radical gun grabbing bills.

At lease a few of Colorado’s radical Democrat Senators, Morse, Hudak, and Nicholson, have been distracted from shredding the Constitution while they delete thousands of posts and messages hammering them with reminders of their shameful and contemptuous actions of the last few days.

Social media is an evolving organism. It provides access to news, social connections, and the virtual assembling of like-minded groups of people. As an outgrowth of Andrew Breitbart’s legacy, blogs, networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, et al, are giving citizens the revolutionary tool of bringing down the hammer of shame, instantly and effectively, upon the heads of hypocritical politicians.

by Marjorie Haun  3/11/13

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