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April 26, 2013

The Colorado Kill Blog is the good news of the Limited Government Gospel. Here, we chronicle, with gratuitous glee, the death of bad bills.


HB15-1024–The “Expand Colorado Preschool Enrollment” bill–Sponsors, Pettersen (D), Kefalas (D), Todd (D) 

This bill sought to increase  Colorado preschool funding by over 50 percent, with the goal of adding 11,200 kiddies to the 20,160 now attending state-run preschool or kindergarten. This bill was driven on the assumption that all Coloradans want to put their wee tots into school at 2 or 3 years of age, to be digested and processed by the nanny state before they’re even potty trained. The Democrat sponsors of the bill are probably of the mind that wee ones do better in the clutches of government-run day care than they do under the loving hand of parents and family. Fortunately, this unnecessary big government day care scheme was killed in the House Appropriations Committee, saving the State of Colorado a mere $11,310,548.00 in the first year alone.

HB15-1133 the “Continue the Colorado Pay Equity Commission” bill–Sponsors Danielson (D), Ulibarri (D)

This bill would revive the Colorado Pay Equity Commission for the foreseeable future. The role of the commission, created in 2010, was to ensure that employees in Colorado would be paid equitably and fairly. The bill purports that the commission would educate employers about the practices that contribute to pay inequity, and “monitor the status of pay inequity in Colorado.” This unnecessary commission would be an arbitrary weapon to be used against businesses it deemed inequitable. Based on nebulous standards such as “equity” and “fairness,” this bill was deserved to be killed since there are hundreds of laws already in statute which govern fair wages, equity, and discrimination. It died while waiting for a raise in the Senate State Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, saving the state $876,000.00 in the first two years alone.

HB15-1091 the “Use of Restraints on Juveniles in Court” bill–Sponsors Lontine (D), Merrifield (D)

This bleeding heart bill would require each Colorado judicial district to develop and implement policies surrounding the shackling of juvenile criminals in court appearances. Based on the premise that shackling the hands and feet of young criminals is traumatic due to the public nature of appearing in court, this bill was designed to reduce the instances of shackling. The sponsors of this bill failed to recognize that shackles are for the protection of incarcerated youth as well as detention and court staff. Juvenile criminals, by definition, have little impulse control, so this form of added security literally helps maintain order and safety in the court. Although this bill added no fiscal burden to the state, the burden to judicial districts of reviewing shackling policies for each and every juvenile offender would be unquestionably heavy. This bill was sentenced to a humane execution in the Senate State Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

SB15-140 the “Regulation of Home Inspectors” bill–Sponsor, Todd (D)

It’s true that Democrats have never met a profession they wouldn’t like to regulate. This 20 page bill–which is exceedingly involved for a state bill–would have created the Home Inspector Licensure Act, adding undue bureaucratic burdens and costs to Colorado’s housing market, and the private entities that keep it afloat. Fortunately, the Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee found SB15-140 hopelessly defective, and killed it, saving the state nearly $300,000.00.

SB15-079 the “Increased Document Recording Fee” bill–Sponsor, Ulibarri (D)

Democrats love to regulate and tax, and this bill is really a tax increase disguised as a fee. It would raise to $2 the “surcharge” aka tax, imposed by county clerks and recorders for each document received for recording or filing. The collected fees, aka taxes, would go to grow the nanny state by creating a “statewide affordable housing investment fund.” In classic Leftist redistribution style, SB15-079 would rip-off one segment of the population in order to provide freebies for another. And in classic Republican “gridlock,” this confiscatory bill was killed in the Senate State Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

HB15-1265 the “Transgender Birth Certificate” bill–Sponsors Moreno, (D) and Ulibarri, (D)

Colorado already allows “transgender” folks to change the gender on their original birth certificate through a court order if they supply valid evidence that they have undergone procedure(s) that changed their natural sexual identity. This bill, introduced by several LGBT activist legislators, would allow people to change their gender designation simply with a written statement from a mental health professional indicating that they feel or believe they are transgender. This bill would open the door to massive identity fraud, complications with criminal investigations and law enforcement, not to mention a nightmare for the state records division. Regardless of what sex a person deems his or herself to be, the law must have a standard for personal identification, and gender is the foundation of human identity and family history. This dangerous bill was surgically removed by the Senate State Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

HB15-1175 the “Ban on Conversion Therapy” bill–Sponsors Rosenthal, (D) and Steadman, (D)

This bill was also introduced by two openly homosexual activist legislators, and was intended to make illegal a type of counseling that addresses unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction. A blatant assault on the First Amendment rights of professional therapists, the ban on “Conversion Therapy” was a bill designed explicitly to keep self-identified homosexual youth trapped in a sexual identity which might bring great anxiety and unhappiness. Other progressive states have passed similar bans, but to prohibit a type of therapy that is beneficial to those who seek it, and which has no documented bad side-effects, is an obscene legislative overreach. Luckily, for the sake of the counseling profession in Colorado and those youth who may be experiencing sexual identity confusion and want help, this offensive bill was put down by the Senate State Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

These dead bills equal a savings of $12,486,548.00.

by Marjorie Haun  4/26/15




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