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February 10, 2013

Along with the detritus of gun-control laws and gay marriage, this disastrous wave of liberalism is also carrying with it a foaming arrogance, and a class of misdeeds that would make naughty 4th graders proud.


One of the worst unnatural calamities in Colorado history took place in November of 2012, when the State House and State Senate fell into the hands of Democrats. Colorado spent the two previous years teetering on the precipice of disaster with a one vote majority in the House, and Democrats dominating the Senate and governor’s office. Nevertheless, that fragile one-vote majority stemmed the progressive tsunami that is now gushing out of Denver and into every corner of this once great state. Along with the detritus of gun-control laws and gay marriage, this disastrous wave of liberalism is also carrying with it a foaming arrogance, and a class of misdeeds that would make naughty 4th graders proud.

The Colorado State Board of Trustees is charged with oversight of the state’s foreclosure process, to enforce its equity and efficiency. The office of Governor John Hickenlooper, former brewmeister and Denver Mayor, and hand-picked by Hussein to run in 2010, has fielded accusations of corruption and the mishandling of public funds by the trustees, some of whom make over $73K per year on the tax-payer dime.  A Denver Post report from last summer cites countless examples of abuse and corruption such as “chair massages,” cars, rent for offices unrelated to the jobs of the trustees, extravagant golf outings, night classes, etc., being charged to trustees’ expense accounts. In the wake of these revelations Hickenlooper asked for the resignations of several trustees and issued a set of new guidelines for their expenditures and a reporting procedures. After the dust of the 2012 election settled, however, it looks like Democrats felt that full control of the state government has given them license to continue the unethical and fraudulent patterns of the past.

A Hickenlooper-appointed trustee from Boulder County named Paul Weissmann is the subject the State House Democrat’s latest controversy. Weissmann is paid $72.5K for his position as a public trustee, but since the position of trustee is more or less an ‘as needed’ position, he apparently has a lot of extra time. Weissmann also works on Capitol Hill in Denver for $10 an hour as a Democrat staffer. The conflict of interest here is immediately apparent since Democrat Weissmann is an appointee of the executive branch while simultaneously working within the legislative branch of the Colorado State government. But it gets better…

Ray Scott, a Colorado State Representative from the Western Slope, and State Senator Kent Lambert, are preparing to introduce a bill, HR1049, that changes the rules for the State Board of Trustees, cuts their pay, clarifies needed qualifications, enforces accountability for disbursement of the funds they handle, and more clearly defines the limits of their job descriptions.  Needless to say, the majority prodigals in the State House are not pleased with the Scott-Lambert bill. But the Democrats aren’t sweating this one! They have a state trustee working the chambers of the Capitol everyday, disguised as a staffer! Simply put, a Democrat state trustee is lobbying against legislation that would jeopardize his cushy salary as a trustee, while he is being paid by the tax payers of Colorado to do so.

According to the Denver Post article, Governor Hickenlooper doesn’t see the  problem here. Eric Brown, Hickenlooper’s spokesman, said of Weissmann’s double dipping deeds, “This sounds more like politics than legitimate concern about conflicts of interest. Paul is an exceptional ex-legislator trying to contribute his expertise to public service — qualities that we ought to encourage.”

We all know that if a Republican governor was to cover for a Republican trustee/staffer/lobbyist in this manner that all Hades would break loose.  But what the heck, the Democrats are in charge. Never forget that Democrats are the party of gay marriage, abortion, illegal immigrants, institutionalized poverty, bad schools, powerful unions and a weak Military. It’s folly to think they would give a whit about ethics, conflicts of interest, or common decency. This is what it looks like when the zoo keepers lose control and Democrats go wild.

by Marjorie Haun  2/10/13

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