Colorado Democrats Gone Wild: Episode Two

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February 13, 2013

It’s a shame that so many Conservatives and Republicans opted out of their civic duty and didn’t vote in November’s election. As a result, Coloradans must now bear with citizens high on legalized pot, and Democrats in government high on power.

2Pot When the cat is away the (Democ)rats will play. In the case of Colorado, the proverbial cat is comprised of the checks and balances provided when at lease one branch of government in the control of the opposing party. The elections of 2012 gave full reign to the (Democ)rats when the Colorado House of Representatives fell into liberal hands, adding to their power in the State Senate and the office of the Governor. Those of us acquainted with the extremist bent of Colorado Democrats feared on November 6th that our fair state was in trouble, and we were right. Recreational marijuana has already been legalized like alcohol, environmental wacko activism is impeding our energy sector, and a ‘civil unions’ (aka gay marriage) bill is barreling through the Colorado Assembly at breakneck speed. Colorado Democrats won in 2012, not on the power of their ideas, but because too many Republicans stayed home. Their hard-left ideology represents a small geographical and numerical swath, which I will call the “commie belt,” that runs like a ribbon through the center of the state. The east, west, and four directional corners of the state are populated with people who find leftist politics alien and unpatriotic. The urban vote rules Colorado, while the vast majority of her lands and communities are rural, rugged, and conservative in character. As an example of these contradictory dynamics, State Representative Ray Scott from Colorado’s rural Western Slope, recently introduced a bill that would remove some of the barriers that drive energy companies out of the state by making the leasing process nearly insurmountable. As a condition of easing such restrictions, Representative Scott’s “Energy, Jobs, and Higher Education Act” would’ve given the severance taxes from energy development to the universities and colleges in Colorado to help mitigate high tuition and other educational costs. The bill was killed on a party line vote by Democrats with little or no deliberation. This proves that making higher education available to more students takes a back seat to the environmental extremism of Colorado Democrats. In the absence of political checks and balances, those wild Democrats have abandoned any pretense that they care about education. Power has supplanted marijuana as their high of choice. As a poke into the eye of Colorado’s considerable conservative populace, the new Democrat majority in the State House of Representatives voted for a young, green, and very gay representative from Denver named Mark Ferrandino to become Speaker of the House. Despite the fact that a ‘civil unions’ bill failed in the Colorado Assembly just last year, and gay marriage was banned by the voters of Colorado in 2006 by a wide margin, yet another same-sex marriage bill is on its way to the governor’s desk as I type. Democrats, not unlike petulant children, continue to push and belly ache and lobby and scheme until they get their way, not giving a rat’s arse that it’s not what the people of Colorado want or need. Reactionaries that they are, Colorado Democrats are following the lead of Hussein, Feinstein, Biden, and Pol Pot in drafting gun-control measures. Feeling that the Aurora movie Theater massacre gives them leverage, they’ve wasted no time writing bills to disarm innocent law-abiding people, under the guise of protecting innocent, law-abiding people. The 2nd Amendment has been proven to be a unifying principle throughout the country when it comes to resistance against government overreach. The backlash against this wild Democrat effort to abolish our right to keep and bear arms will be magnified in Colorado. Out here on the Western Slope when someone asks you if you own a gun, the answer is always, “no.” Why, because we own arsenals. The same holds true for most Coloradans, except perhaps, the metrosexual hipsters of Colorado’s “commie belt.” There is little hope for relief as (Democ)rats rampage through the State Capitol, and Governor Hickelooper, Hussein’s hand-picked lackey, uses his assault pen to pass measures that most Coloradans oppose. The people of Colorado– except perhaps the weird Denver/Boulder milieu, and enclaves of burned-out leftists in Telluride, Aspen, Breckenridge and other resort towns–want jobs, opportunity, free markets, firearms, and personal liberty.  It’s a shame that so many Conservatives and Republicans opted out of their civic duty and didn’t vote in November’s election. As a result, Coloradans must now bear with citizens high on legalized pot, and Democrats in government high on power.  by Marjorie Haun  2/13/13

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