Colorado ‘Counter-terrorism Learning Lab’ omits mention of Islamic militants in ‘signs of terrorism’ video

June 30, 2016

Is CELL more interested in pandering to Denver’s business establishment by whitewashing the true nature of most terrorism on American soil, than it is in protecting Americans?

Colorado’s own COUNTER-TERRORISM EDUCATION LEARNING LAB, with the clever acronym, CELL, may actually be more of a cell for promoting the “terrorism is not an Islamic problem” narrative, than an actual counter-terrorism education institution. Doubt my words? Check out CELL’s videos and website.

Exhibit I

CELL’s Counter-terror “Recognizing 8 Signs of Terrorism” training video fails to mention, even once, Islamic radicalism, Jihad, Muslim extremists, or any of the other Islamocentric sources of terrorism currently responsible for the vast majority of terror attacks in the United States and across the globe. The training video does, however, feature obviously American, ex-military types, as potential terrorism suspects.

(Colorado loves John Elway, but it looks he’s been sucked into an effort by Denver’s business establishment to whitewash the true nature of terrorism on American soil in order to avoid offending the key perpetrators of terror, radical Islamic militants.)

Exhibit II

The “Partners” listed by CELL include numerous corporations, such as the DENVER POST, and the “Scientific and Cultural Facilities District,” which is partially funded by taxpayer dollars from the Denver Metro counties.

The Denver Post

Scientific Cultural Facilities District

American Red Cross – Mile High Chapter

Colorado Emergency Preparedness Partnership

Colorado Thirty Group

Colorado Concern

Colorado Department of Public Safety

Colorado Information Analysis Center

 CAP Logistics

Denver Police Department


Denver, and other Front Range communities, such as Fort Collins and Greely, have large–and growing–Muslim populations, with many new refugee migrants. The Front Range business establishment has a financial interest in ‘not offending’ those Muslims, despite the fact that many Muslims reject Islamic terrorism and would appreciate being publicly differentiated from militants and Jihadists.

CELL has the potential to be a valuable asset in confronting imminent threats of Islamic terrorism, yet it seems to be bound by a disabling degree of politically correctness. By creating a training video, exhibits, and a website barely mentioning terrorist acts by radical Islamic militants, CELL is deflecting attention from real threats to our communities, towards the myth of the “angry, male, ex-military, home-grown terrorist.”

Memo to CELL: Radicalized mosques will yield more opportunities for counter-terrorism in Colorado than home-grown, ex-military guys.

As the body count from radical Islamic terror attacks in the U.S. and abroad mounts, it becomes more difficult for organizations such as CELL, business establishments, and political bodies, to pretend Islam is not at the center of modern terror threats. For the time being, though, the potential for Colorado’s CELL to be an effective counter-terrorism education learning lab is shackled by political correctness.

by Marjorie Haun  6/30/16




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