Colorado Ballot Initiative Bedlam

June 17,  2014

I have an idea–Let’s put an addendum on this measure which assesses energy usage fees of, let’s say $5,000 per year per person, on any locality that bans fracking within its jurisdictional boundaries. If NIMBY’s don’t want to produce it at home, they can make up the difference to those people who do.

HB Ballot initiatives are stupid. Wanna know why? Because if justification for statutory or constitutional changes in our laws can’t be found in the United States Constitution or the constitution of a given state, then they’re unconstitutional, that’s why. Here’s an example: Amendment 64, the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” initiative of 2012 amended the Colorado Constitution simply to accommodate stoners. Sure, they convinced Coloradans that new tax revenue would pour into state coffers, and we would end the War on Drugs, and the sick would be healed and the blind made to see, but they amended the frigging State Constitution to conduct their little (FAILED) social experiment. So now we’re stuck with a constitutional amendment which is exceedingly stupid. This year in Colorado they’ve surpassed stupid, overtaken, scary, outrun horrifying, and have reached levels of apocalyptic. Put on your radiation suits and walk gingerly with me through Colorado’s 2014 Ballot Initiative Apocalypse. The following is a list of the most stupid and/or profane of the lot:

The preceding list is a mere a fraction of the stupid Colorado ballot initiatives awaiting approval in the Secretary of State, Scott Gessler’s office. Perhaps I will give Honey Badger a call and tell him to dismiss the lot and simply…follow the Constitution.

by Marjorie Haun  6/17/14


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