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June 30, 2012

In the great tradition of, I.M. Scoticus, a favorite guest blogger, has written great prose with a political spin. This story is a beautiful example of how change and adaptation can be good for a person. In this moving account, the change from Right to Left, for a man with a devastating diagnosis, was literally a second chance at life.

Changing From Right To Left Can Be a Beautiful Thing

Say what?!  Hey, a title should grab your attention, right?  If you’re a dedicated conservative, the above heading should turn your head around.  Don’t worry I’m not referring to Chief Justice John Roberts.  In most situations “Going Left” for a person on the right is tantamount to political death.  Look up the word “Sinister” in Webster’s Dictionary.  The definition states, “On the left hand or side, hence unfavorable; evil or malevolent.”  It would appear that going “Left” is never a good thing.  It even says so right there in the dictionary.  I bet right about now you’re beginning to get really irritated.  Maybe your blood is even beginning to boil.  You have no idea where I am going with this, do you?  After all, I work in Hollywood.  Did I forget to mention that?  I’m a screenwriter.  We all know how Hollywood screenwriters are good at writing propaganda.  But then that’s an entirely different subject.  Instead let me tell you a story.  After hearing it I think you’ll agree that sometimes changing from right to left is a beautiful and uniquely American thing.

I met an interesting man a few days ago.   We’ll call him Tom to protect his privacy.  Tom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 50.  He was devastated of course.  His entire world was turned upside down that day.  Drawing pictures had been his special talent ever since he was 5 years old.  His entire identity was wrapped up in his ability to draw.  He had built a wonderful career as an animator in Hollywood.  This career helped support his family and gave him a great deal of joy.  Ironically, the Parkinson’s had only debilitated the right side of Tom’s body, making it impossible for him to draw anymore because he was right handed.  Luckily his disease was manageable.  It would be many years before his Parkinson’s would actually affect the way he functioned in the world, outside of the fact that he couldn’t draw anymore.  If Tom hadn’t possessed the unique Judeo-Christian ethic that is the basis of our country then he may have fallen into complete despair.  What he did next was not a secular decision.  His actions instead were forged out of a belief in a power greater than himself.  The knowledge that life persists against all odds is one of the spiritual principles that make our country unique.  God hadn’t brought Tom all this way to simply desert him.  What doesn’t kill a person only serves to make him stronger.  It started as an infinitesimally small spec in his subconscious but grew to become an idea that would change his world.  Once Tom realized that only his right side was affected by his new disease, a small voice began to stir inside him, “Why can’t you learn to draw with your left hand?”  If you have ever tried to write with you left hand when you are a “righty” you will appreciate how extremely difficult that is.  Not only would it be hard learning to write left-handed but could he ever expect that his left hand would be able to draw with the creative flourish of his right?  That task seemed insurmountable.  But he did just that.  Tom went from being a right handed animator to a left handed animator.  He kept his career and is still working today for one of the most famous animation studios in the world, even though his right side has continued to weaken.  I call that a miracle.  It captures the American spirit like nothing I’ve heard of in a while.  If Tom can resurrect his animation career like he did, we conservatives can certainly lift ourselves from the disappointing morass of Thursday’s Supreme Court decision and take back the White House (and Senate) in November.  Do me a favor and think about Tom’s story as we go forward.  Yes, sometimes changing from right to left can be a beautiful thing.

 I.M. Scoticus  6/30/12

  1. cerebropeo

    Obama is Sinister. I Shudder Every Time I see his Hooked Hand sign away my Liberties!

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