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Patriot Gals, are You Ready for the Hijab?

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Western women treasure the rights for which their forbears fought. Perhaps too many take their personal liberty and safety for granted. We all must pay attention to the red flags signaling creeping Islamophilia– irrational affection for and trust of Islam, and accommodation of its practices and practitioners–and reject them outright. Islamic women’s fashions are such a red flag, Dressing in hijab, in my humble opinion, is the equivalent of stepping into a cage. Fight to keep Islam, which is not a religion but a political ideology and system of totalitarian government, out of our communities, and out of our closets.

America’s Mothers Fight Back

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Women in America

The American mother is not simply a guardian of the nest, but the guardian of liberty as well. Motherhood is not just nurturing the future generation, but preserving the future into which that generation will walk.

The Titanium Codpiece

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Suit of armor with titanium codpiece.

She portrays herself as a victim of the “cad” in what is a fiendish sexual “bait and switch.” Her advertised goods, though apparently cheap and appealing, are not really available to the consumer, and the consumer is kicked out of the transaction for responding to the advertisement.

Special Accommodations for Women in Combat?

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Combat is neither predictable nor controlled, and the contenders on the battle field are out to kill you, not enhance your physical and mental prowess. There is no question that women often excel in combat techniques, shooting, and survival. But because women are smaller, weaker, more biologically prone to reproductive and urinary infections, and psychologically distinct from men, the presence of women in ground combat infantry units changes the dynamic–and dilutes the effectiveness of the kill factor.


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You know what makes the label “woman-hater” really funny, is the fact that…shhh…I am a woman. Don’t tell anybody, but I was born a baby girl and I grew up a woman. I even have all the natural parts a woman should have.


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The next question for the nontheist is: “So, where did the solar system begin, and how did the comets form, and if the Universe really started as an infinitely dense point of nothing, what made the infinitely dense point of nothing explode?”


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People in the 21st Century are burdened with a moral indebtedness that may never be repaid. The cultural economy where virtue is a cheap and disposable commodity has given us decades of shattered families, poverty, corruption, and the predominance of carnal appetite. This has heaped upon the backs our children a terrible debt for generations to come. This debt will paid through of suffering, estrangement, bondage, and national decline.


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This revolution is based upon the radical philosophy of “Motherhoodism,” and fueled by a general desire to bond with and nourish babies in the way glorious Nature intended.

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