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Several states take BLM to court for illegal, underhanded tactics

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WEA asks the court to direct the BLM to “abandon its current leasing schedule immediately, rescind any guidance documents and instruction memoranda that implement these unlawful practices,

New Mexico Native tribes want stewardship over petroglyphs BLM fails to protect

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“There’s a certain kind of American people who seem to think the landscape is some kind of game board,” Price said. “When we use public lands for recreation, we’re opening them up to a very destructive group of people who think ‘public’ means ‘party.’ These sites took generations to make, and people can get in there and destroy them in half an hour.”

Communities in Central, Southern Utah crushed under weight of national monuments

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Utahns have been shut out of public meetings, and environmental groups have bussed in out of state activists under the guise of representing local perspectives.

EPA continues to lie and stonewall about its toxic Animas River disaster

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There are numerous contradictions in the EPA’s explanation of how and why it intentionally breached Colorado’s Gold King Mine, releasing 880,000 pounds of dangerous metals and mining waste into drinking water for three states and the Navajo Nation.

Federal Agent in Charge of Malheur Operation Linked to Another Deadly Case in Utah

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Allegations of Government heavy handedness quickly arose amidst the investigation eventually leading to the Estate of Dr. James Redd, an elderly and beloved physician from Blanding, UT. who turned up dead.

Another rancher asks, “Why are feds so insistent on making an example of the Hammonds?”

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I’m wondering how you would feel, whether government worker or private citizen, to be hung twice for the same crime, to justify the federal government stealing your property.

Soros-funded group smears American Lands pointman

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A right-wing site dedicated to exposing CREW revealed the left-wing group received at least $250,000 from liberal billionaire George Soros in 2008, plus more from Democracy Alliance, a progressive coordinator in the nonprofit world.

Fed Wildfire Mis-management Burdens States

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Two Arizona witnesses provided perspective on how to change the federal government’s approach to wildfires and forest management.

Socialism and Human Cattle

Posted by in Socialism, Western Resources

Everyone should spend time on a ranch, our livestock is so happy. They are supported, protected, and live lives in happy oblivion, then we lead them gently to the stock yards, where they are slaughtered.

When Federal “Protection” of Public Lands does More Harm than Good

Posted by in Federal Agency Overreach, Western Resources

Monument-backers know Browns Canyon has been managed since 1980 as a wilderness study area. That’s just about the highest level of protection a piece of federal land can get.

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