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Exposed! Netanyahu Sheds Needed Light on Obama/Iran Nuke Deal

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Not exactly ideal when talking about an atomic agreement that involves angry, ambitious ayatollahs and the world’s most destructive weapons.

A Plea From the People Stranded on Sinjar

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Tonight, while we in the peaceful West sleep, hundreds of imperiled innocents will die from exposure, thirst, hunger, and the brutality of Islamo Fascist radicals.

Peter Brookes: Islamic Militants Have America in the Crosshairs

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The increasing diversity and the intensity of the Islamist terrorist threat, in my mind, means we have to defend against a growing number of different threat vectors, making it more difficult for our intelligence, law enforcement, and military efforts to succeed, whether at home or overseas.

The Welfare State: Breeding Contempt, Breeding Monsters

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As a predatory being disdains the weakling as unworthy of respect, no-account government welfare is breeding contempt for those who tolerate its growth and support its insatiable appetites. It’s also breeding a generation of monsters.


Posted by in Abnormal Psychology, Terrorism

Islamic extremists may torch the Middle East in spasms of anger and hate. They may brutally oppress their own people. They may infiltrate the State Department and the American Conservative Union, but they will NEVER, EVER tear the bacon out of the hands of Americans who love the smoky, juicy, wavy deliciousness of thinly sliced pork bellies.


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He was atomized earlier today in a CIA-lead military strike in which an unmanned aerial vehicle interrupted his morning muffin with a hell-fire missile.

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