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Blogging for Zombies

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BLOG means different things to different people. When Liberals are spewing their fabricated, psychedelic, hooha along the information superhighway, it stands for Bestial Licentious Obama Gangsters. But now that Conservatives have mastered the light-speed autobahn of propaganda, BLOG stands for Bashing Liberal Ogres for God.

LGBTQ Narratives #FAIL the Logic Test

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While homosexuals insist that they have no choice and are attracted to the same sex because of a condition predetermined by nature, their transgender counterparts insist that the sexual identity as determined by nature has nothing to do with who they really are!

The War on Childhood Part Two: Hypersexualization

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While the Sexual Revolution was overthrowing American traditions of morality, sexual chastity, marriage, and temperance, the “Sex Ed” revolution that was quietly taking hold in public schools.

When Evil is Called Good and Good is Called Evil

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Isaiah 20 ¶Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Santa Claus’ Evil Twin: Santa Pork

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There you have it, kiddies, Santa Pork’s short list for Christmas giving. Don’t waste your time looking to see if your name is on this list. It doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice. If you’re an ordinary boy or girl who abides the law and pays your taxes, there is no friggin’ way Santa Pork is ever going to do something to make your life better. Merry Christmas, suckers!

The Little Red Hen Answers the Obamacare Sex Questionnaire

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Think kid, THINK! We were all created, made by God, according to a set of rules. Those rules dictate function and outcome, the natural order of things. There are aberrations, but they have to be called aberrations–perversions–of that natural order. You cannot make aberrations the rule without destroying the natural order. Without Natural Law, there is no existence. Reality implodes, and we are sucked into a black hole of nihilism.

Family Jewels to Junk

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Any reference to human genitals carries with it a hint of ribald humor, but “family jewels” once denoted something also of value, to be protected and kept from harm. The modern reference of “junk” unfortunately mirrors a societal cheapening of human sexuality which is regarded as something of fleeting purpose and dubious worth, and in the end, irreverently squalid.

Manly Men in America

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Whether he was born and raised here or transplanted from another country and raised here. The manly man is my kind of fella.


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You know what makes the label “woman-hater” really funny, is the fact that…shhh…I am a woman. Don’t tell anybody, but I was born a baby girl and I grew up a woman. I even have all the natural parts a woman should have.


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These people are wholly idiotic; a brainwashed pair of stringy Leftists searching for the bliss of a non-judgmental Utopia by exacting the pernicious deconstruction of their little boy.

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