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For Minority Students, Political Correctness Trumps Good Schools

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“Where does real integration take place in America? At the end of the day, it takes place in the marketplace, and if you come to that marketplace with no skills, what’s going to happen to you?” asked Howard Fuller, former chairman of Black Alliance for Educational Options.

Simple Solutions to Behavior Problems in School

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Many kids are highly manipulative, and while the adult may feel generous and caring as they “talk to the child who just needs a shoulder to lean on,” the kids will increasingly prey on those good intentions.

Wealth Creation in a FREE Economy

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The poor in the United States often own flat-screen TV’s, cell phones, automobiles, and other possessions deemed luxury items by the poor in other countries. Why is that? Why do the poor in the U.S. have a much higher standard of living than the poor in other countries?

Fearful Teachers Union Fighting School Reform in Western Colorado

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The MVEA and other unions hold power by protecting even the weakest of members by virtue of tenure, in which it is almost impossible to remove a teacher after the three year probationary period.

Teachers Unions: Obsolete, Corrupt, Counter-productive

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It’s time for school districts to stop allowing their teachers and resources to be used as pawns of the Democrat Party.

School Reform Leads to Innovation and Excellence in Douglas County

Posted by in Colorado Politics, School Reform

Douglas County may or may not be the most interesting school district in America, but it is certainly one of the more innovative ones. And voters have a chance to keep it that way.

Brian Malone’s Fear and Loathing of School Reform

Posted by in Colorado Politics, School Reform

Brian Malone is a little confused as well about “The Reformers.” It is marketed as a “documentary” but he himself admits in an email to me that it’s an op-ed.

Douglas County Colorado: Epicenter of Successful School Reform

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Numbers reported by Dougco and by the state show teacher turnover rates in line with previous years and with neighboring districts—a somewhat remarkable feat given the fast-paced fundamental changes occurring.

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