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Why We Miss President Reagan

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He was the figure that defined presidential weakness, misguided intentions, and inept foreign policy. Jimmy Carter was a hard-left Liberal in most aspects of his governance and American suffered for it.

Reagan and the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

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President Reagan’s goal was nothing short of dismantling the Iron Curtain and the Soviet empire. As he said himself, his goal in the Cold War was to ensure that “we win, they lose.”

Reagan’s Foreign Policy Cornerstone: Peace Through Strength

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However decisive Reagan was, he treated other world leaders, friends and foes alike, as figures who took the well-being of their own nations seriously.

Happy 103rd Birthday Ronald Reagan

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Rather, I remember how Reagan treated my daughter, Erin. I kept her home from school one day, to go with me to a farewell party (a couple of dozen people attending), honoring a friend when he left Reagan’s White House in the mid-1980s.

Pushing Back Against Perversity

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Liberals judge people only by their superficial aspects such as race, sexual-orientation, income, and gender. Conservatives believe that people are defined, and should be judged, according to their actions which derive from the content of their character.

Old Sarge: Jesus and Other Heroes

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Arland could have tied the rope around himself as it dangled near him, but time and again, he passed the rope to another passenger who was still alive.

Response to Huffpo Article “Syria:What Would Reagan Do?”

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If Reagan were in charge, the most recent chemical attack would never have been perpetrated by the Assad regime, because America would have responded fast and hard the first time the “red line” was crossed.


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Barak Hussein Obama is enfeebled as a man, dependent on handlers, billionaire financiers, “community organizers”, public-sector unions, corrupt agencies, and a marionette press to hold him aloft.


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The 60s and 70s were a time not just of economic, social, and international crises, America was suffering with an identity crisis as well.


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Some gasped, some tittered, and some guffawed, when a young man opened the door and announced, “Reagan has been shot!” I remember the breath escaping mylungs and the sinews in my body turning to steel.

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