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Is this private school getting public money to push radical environmentalism?

Posted by in Education, Radical Environmentalism

SUWA is infamous for what some refer to as dirty tricks and others refer to as lies, in garnering donations from supporters through near-hysterical ads portraying oil rigs in national parks, and similar scare tactics.

The “Monkey Wrench” Candidate

Posted by in 2016 Elections, Radical Environmentalism

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein took a break from her campaign Tuesday to vandalize construction equipment at a rally in North Dakota protesting the construction of an oil pipeline.

Forest Service holds ‘public’ meeting at private school promoting extreme environmentalism

Posted by in Radical Environmentalism, Utah

It is really very insensitive of the Forest Service to create such a hostile environment for a public meeting when there are so many other public neutral places to hold the meeting.

Big money and myths behind Bears Ears land grab push

Posted by in Federal Land Grabs, Native Americans, Radical Environmentalism

The difference in funding is staggering $20,000,000.00 (radicalized environmentalists) vs $1,870.00 (grassroots movement).

Utah Natives fight federal purge of people from ancestral lands

Posted by in Antiquities Act, Native Americans, Radical Environmentalism

What does this mean? Well, we’ve seen first-hand what happened to our neighbors, when the Grand Staircase at Escalante National Monument was designated. People eventually moved! They no longer had their livelihood!

Extremist enviros bus in astroturfers for Utah land grab hearing

Posted by in Ecoterrorism, Federal Land Grabs, Radical Environmentalism

A monument supporter said, “This is a coalition of the Wilderness Society, Sierra Club, Wilderness Alliance. They brought in a bus from Flagstaff, from Durango, from Moab.”

What’s really behind the Malheur federal land grab?

Posted by in Land Grabs, Radical Environmentalism, Range Wars

It’s no coincidence that it comes when environmental groups are pushing to create a national monument in Malheur County.

Radical anti-fracking group “employs” La Plata Commissioner Gwen Lachelt

Posted by in Colorado Politics, Energy Policy, Radical Environmentalism

Lachelt, a Democrat who is running for reelection this year, listed Earthworks as her employerwhile reporting a September 2015 donation to her own campaign. It was puzzling, because Lachelt supposedly quit her career in activism to become a county commissioner. Could she really have been working as an environmental activist, as well as a public official, all this time?

Undeniable evidence that BLM mismanagement is starving wild horses

Posted by in Bureau of Land Management, Government Incompetence, Radical Environmentalism

Wild horse herds in the Southwest are reproducing at unsustainable rates and starving as a result.

California thought crimes bill punishes “climate-change dissent”

Posted by in Climate Politics, Human Rights, Radical Environmentalism

A landmark California bill gaining steam would make it illegal to engage in climate-change dissent.

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