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Bridging the Heart Divide

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America does not have a racial divide or a class divide or a privilege divide. If there is a divide, it is in the hearts of humans.

Sarge on the Righteous Use of Violence

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I heard it again yesterday. “Violence never solved anything.” The damned souls in Hell of Hitler and Tojo would be surprised to hear that. On the contrary, violence of varying degrees has been part of every major solution and event in history.

How Liberalism Turns Citizens into Murdering Little Tyrants

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The apparent “gang initiation” killing of Christopher Lane by three punks may seems to be complicated by the fact that one of the punks was white. But it’s clear to all honest Americans that if all the perpetrators had all been WHITE and the victim had been black, that the racial tyrant victim class would have sustained an insult so severe that it could only be remedied by a pronouncement from on high abolishing civil rights for white people for a generation.

Barack Obama and the Fake Black Experience

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The power of meekness and humility, as embodied in the form of Dr. Benjamin Carson, swept the conservative world this last week. It’s not a contradiction in terms to say the “power of meekness and humility” in reference to Ben Carson. Dr. Benjamin Carson, Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins, as he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, bore a gentle demeanor, a quiet presence, and a strength of conviction that overpowered Barack Obama, and made him seem effete and irresolute in contrast.

Let the Profiling Begin!

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“Profiling,” the disdainful, politically correct label given to the practice of looking at someone and assessing what they look like, is hated by the Left when employed by the guilty white man, but when whites are identified as whites by minorities, with a generous side of racist “crackas,” and black rage cake for dessert, “profiling” becomes a political smorgasbord for Democrats.


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Pandering Liberals always want to “help” people of color because they believe that life is inherently unfair and more difficult for them. This is liberal racism; the separation of individuals into groups based on the assumption that superficial differences are the dominant factors in their lives, and that because an individual is not born white, they are inherently at a disadvantage are dependent on the assistance of others .


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With the horrific Democratic record, is it really a surprise that the old party of Dixie that used to use the fear of blacks to racially demagogue whites, now racially use the same tactic and scheme on blacks and browns. Whatever happened to the post-racial Hope and Change Obama? Seems like Bill Clinton was right when he called Obama a fairy-tale?

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