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The Monster that Ate the American Education System

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Although I am using Vollmer’s list in it’s original form, my purpose in using it is not to support the growth of government-run education, but instead to reveal how many parental responsibilities have been taken up by public schools.

For Minority Students, Political Correctness Trumps Good Schools

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“Where does real integration take place in America? At the end of the day, it takes place in the marketplace, and if you come to that marketplace with no skills, what’s going to happen to you?” asked Howard Fuller, former chairman of Black Alliance for Educational Options.

How Poor Parenting Effects Education in America

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Schools are perceived to be feeding sites, medical clinics, counseling centers, and dawn to dusk day care facilities.

The Link Between Teachers Unions and Educational Decline

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Teachers unions do block reforms that would benefit kids. Policies they favor degrade education, such as firing and hiring teachers according only to how long they’ve been in a particular school rather than their quality or area of expertise.

Will Common Core Destroy Teacher Autonomy?

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Common Core’s effects are long-reaching — including confusing teachers and alienating parents.

Will Colorado Kindergartners be Exposed to Contraceptives and Homosexuality?

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Human sexuality cannot be taught in a moral vacuum. It is the most sensitive and important topic that a child will ever learn about, and as such, should be taught in the home by loving caretakers, who wish to impart their moral worldview to their child.

How Going Soft on School Discipline Creates Hardened Criminals

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Administrators and teachers ham-strung by arbitrary and unfair “non-discrimination” policies handed down by Holder’s vengeful DOJ may be, unwittingly, creating the monsters that will crowd next-year’s headlines with unprecedented failure, crime, and violence.

Teachers Unions: Obsolete, Corrupt, Counter-productive

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It’s time for school districts to stop allowing their teachers and resources to be used as pawns of the Democrat Party.

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