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Spanish corporation builds wind farm on USFS public lands, bars access by Americans!

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“The old ANR used to take this very seriously, they wouldn’t even allow ski trails to go through this area that was bear denning and breeding habitat for fear that just the mere passage of skiers would wake the denning bears. Yet they are going to allow these blasts throughout the winter,” he said.

U.S. House moves to defang federal law-enforcement overreach

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“In most instances around the country, county sheriffs departments are accountable to local people. The county sheriff is elected by citizens of the county. There is a level of trust in local law enforcement.”

Utah families say ‘NO’ to economically devastating national monuments

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Out-of-state interests advocating for unilateral presidential action argue that a monument designation is the only means of protecting the Bears Ears area. But this argument is plainly false.

Public lands grazing saves Americans $750 million each year

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A 2011 study conducted by University of Idaho Extension Agricultural Economists found that public land ranchers pay on average $1.20 per animal unit more than those who graze on private land.

How radical environmentalist groups in Utah conspired with BLM to prosecute two local leaders

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Environmentalist collusion with the federal government can be more accurately described as infiltration of agencies such as the BLM, by environmental extremists.

Who are the fake ‘sportsmen’ fear mongering transfer of federal lands?

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Out-of-state radical environmentalists are dumping resources into opposing state land management. Environmentalists don’t want states to have control.

BLM wrecks Recapture trail AFTER fining citizens $96K who used it for an OHV ride

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They weren’t creating water bars they were closing the trail by create far more damage to the area than the protesters caused on May 10, 2014.

Sierra Club lies about transfer of federal lands, here’s the truth

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Any transfer of public (i.e. federal) lands would be to the state as state-trust lands and would not include national parks, national monuments, national conservation areas, national wildlife areas, wilderness areas nor environmentally sensitive or culturally important areas.

Wolf “surplus kills” not as rare as some want you to think

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Our native wildlife in the Yellowstone Ecosystem is being destroyed by these Canadian Timber Wolves. They have already destroyed the moose population in Yellowstone.

Washington D.C.’s insatiable appetite for Western lands

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Opening federal lands could lead to $26.5 billion in annual gross regional product, more than $5 billion in tax revenue and more than 200,000 jobs in the Rocky Mountain region.

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